Another post about my turn signal, with photos!

Another post about my turn signal, with photos!


It’s called a “Flange Nut”.


Or “serrated nut” You will almost certainly find one at the hardware store. If not just but a washer and a nut. Preferably a nylon thread nut so it doesn’t rattle loose


Got a washer and nut, repaired it in the carpark. Rookie mistake - I had parked right by the coffee cart so it cost me $5 instead of 40 cents. Smelling fresh ground coffee while doing repairs was too much for me.


Nylok and a washer will work as well, but if you found a flange nut, all good.


I'm going to buy some regular nuts that look right and hope it does the job for now but I'd still like to know what this kind of nut is, what I should be looking/asking for. Thanks for the suggestions on my last post and for any help I get on this one in advance!


It'd an M6x1.0 flange nut. Super common. You can get them at any auto parts store.


Thanks - I got a single m6 nut and a washer at the hardware store for like 34 cents (and a basic wrench set because I felt like I'd look stupid buying 34c worth of hardware)....


..my horn doesn't work any suggestions??