The 2 Words Apple Uses Most Often to Sell Products Might Surprise You | 'You' and 'Your'

The 2 Words Apple Uses Most Often to Sell Products Might Surprise You | 'You' and 'Your'


“The” and “is”


"The new iPhone is the best we've made" Tim Cook - every year


When you take a shit, “Ah I really needed to go ‘this time’”




It’s like adding upgrades to your current car. “The all new Toyota Corolla 2001” Features: * Dash cam (Rear parking camera if you stick in on your trunk) * Navigation (Duct Taped iPad “2nd model”) * Bluetooth (Somebodies mouth must be in pain) * Self Driving (We didn’t say it steers, applies brakes, just use the “N” gear) * Push-To-Start (Turn the key and it will push the start button) * Airbag Pros (Wireless airbags) * Battery Powered (Don’t ever turn the motherfucker off or it will never start again)


>"The new iPhone is the best we've made" > >Tim Cook - every year Your new IPhone you the best you made.


And that is almost always true. Whether you like it or not, Apple is basically in a competition with themselves to release the best iPhone they can given the planned release date, and the supply chain, hardware, and development constraints that conflict with that timeline. It may or may not be the best *phone* available that year, but it’s almost always the best *iphone* available that year.


“To be honest we didn’t really do well this year, check back next September”


“We’re selling the exact same phone as last year. And we think you’re gonna love it.”


Of course it's true. It's just really dumb to say because of course they're making a phone better than last year's


"This year we've done something new: courage. The new iPhone is the first to come without a display, because we've decided it is best for you. Coming September for only $1,999 if you want enough storage to make it useful."


They spin it as always true, and revolutionary.


Of course they do, what are they supposed to say? “Hey, here’s this year’s iPhone, it’s fine enough we guess.” Marketing 101 is talking up your product without outright lying (that’s marketing 102). Hell at this point if they **stopped** saying it was the best iPhone ever there would be cries of “Apple didn’t say it was the best iPhone, does Apple secretly think the iPhone 13 is garbage?!?!?!”


I'm not sure why people are downvoting this. I reserve my downvotes for things like racism or hate speech, but I guess some people are really offended when people post rational facts? Oh well. Have an upvote.


On Reddit, an upvote signifies agreement or liking what someone said, while a downvote shows that you disagree or dislike what they said. I'm willing to bet that most people who downvoted it weren't offended, they just disagreed or thought it didn't make sense.


Reddiquette says upvotes and downvotes are not "i agree" or "i disagree" buttons. Of course, Reddiquette is, has, and always will be ignored, so you are correct in how they're actually used.


I can’t speak for the other 8 people at the time of commenting, but your reasoning is correct. Of course Apple’s in a competition with themselves to make a new iPhone. They’re the only ones that can ^(also haha downvote funny)


That's a sad way to use them. Reddit is s a forum. Forums are meant to create conversation. Conversation often includes back and forth comments between people on both sides of a topic. If the idea of the upvotes/downvotes is to try to muffle anyone with a different opinion than you because you "disagree or dislike" their comment, that doesn't breed a very healthy conversation.


That's literally why they exist. Anyone can upvote or downvote, it's to indicate how many people agree with or disagree with what someone has said. Nobody is stopping you from downvoting me for example, and nobody is forcing me to downvote you. It's literally a voting system, of course people will use it to vote on opinions.


Yes, theyre the only ones who makes iPhones lol.


Eh, maybe not. They often don't use articles when referring to their products, and tend to tell you more about what it does than what it is.


And the most often used sentence is 'It's the best we've ever made'.


I love that bit. Like... it fucking better be??


In 2011 they had that redesigned iPod where all they said was "it's honestly not bad this year". I nearly fell off my seat. That's obviously not true, but it's fun to imagine.


"We've actually downgraded from last year's model."


Tim Cook at the iPhone 13 launch: Well folks, I’m not sure what happened, but this is not the best iPhone we’ve ever made.


That's the mind blowing part about the Apple crowd. Apple: We did better than last year People: AMAZING! REVOLUTIONARY! LIFE CHANGING!


You've clearly never been a customer of a PC line that went to shit, like HP Envy or Dell XPS.


The battery life might be shorter. The operating system might be a bit bloated. It might be only slightly faster, but much more expensive. And maybe it was always "plenty fast" for your needs, so the "bang for the buck" might not be as good. Perhaps this new model is far more expensive to fix, should anything go wrong. But, yes, the phone has "more" every year. Is it better? You would think that would be inevitable! Depending on how you define your terms, it probably is. Probably. Is the difference not big enough to tempt you? OK, we'll push an update that turns your last phone into garbage.


Until next year


"This is definitely up there with the iPhone 5. It's really not a bad option if you consider inflation and the global chip shortage. Buy it today!"


YOU will give us YOUR money.




You will Think Different and not be concerned about silly things like Your privacy. You know that what's good for Apple is what's good for You.


Nothing surprising about that


And YOU will have no control over the features of "YOUR" device!


You are still stuck at pre ios shortcuts era. Don’t know how long you people are gonna say the same thing. There are ton of productive and cosmetic things you can do in iPhone which is in your control and yes androids can also do. Interestingly people who wants more control over their devices doesn’t control their device at all. To be more specific “the people who bitch about iPhone without understanding its functionalities”


There are still a ton of things that you can't outright control for literally no reason other than apple says no things like loading your own ringtones, putting your apps wherever you want to put them, icon shape, sideloading apps, custom sizes for widgets, etc.


Ah but how I’ve longed for a time when I could control the shape of my icons and resize my widgets, but woe is me the lonely intrepid iPhone user


You can jailbreak iPhone exactly like a custom rom in android… what else you want.. can I know ?


sure you can jailbreak it, but A) security wise thats a nightmare B) why should I have to jailbreak my device to get basic features that apple's engineers could implement in a matter of days if they put their minds too it


But you can load your own ringtones? It’s a little difficult and requires using iTunes but it’s a thing


the flow from android vs iOS Android: connect your device to your computer, drag and drop a .mp3 file into the ringtones folder, open the settings app, select the .mp3 you want iOS: Open iTunes, Convert an .mp3 file to AAC, convert the .m4a file to an .m4r and make sure its less than 28 seconds long, plug your phone in, pray to tim apple that iTunes decides to work, sync it over to your device, wait 15 minutes for it to finish backing up automatically, and then select your ring tone from the settings assuming you did it right


I'm a fan of numerous Linux distros. They all do exactly what you tell them for literally any aspect of whatever you want to use the system for, and the trickiest issues can usually be solved with a simple copy and paste into the terminal. It's liberating!


Why are you talking about PC when the subject is about a phone.


Android is Linux.


Linux is UNIX , MacOS is Linux , windows is DOS… as I said earlier subject is about the phone.


Lol, you don't have to breathlessly defend Apple. They have people for that.


I’m not defending Apple. I’m stating the fact that you have control over your iPhone. Except the Hardware. I use both android and iPhone for my needs. I keep my ecosystem diverse as possible. So you can cut the Apple fan crap.


This doesn't surprise me at all. You make things "theirs" so people feel more connected to it. Works with sports teams too. When I worked for as a PA Announcer for a minor league baseball team, I was told "always say it's YOUR [team name]", never THE [team name]". So same deal with any product, you don't talk about the product, you talk about YOUR product. What YOU will do with YOUR iPhone when YOU have it in YOUR hands. YOU will take stunning photos, stay in contact with YOUR friends, securely access YOUR bank accounts for easy payment methods, all from YOUR new iPhone. Not THE new iPhone, that makes it sound like just some inanimate object... YOUR iPhone is a part of you, an extension of you.


I agree. Regardless of how anyone feels about their products, one thing that no one can deny is that Apple is pretty genius when it comes to marketing. The use of You, Your really is pretty significant as it already puts you in a mindset that you will be buying their products. And for the undecided, these marketing tactics can be the difference between someone choosing Apple vs their competitors.


The examples that they give: > "So whether you take photos by day or by moonlight, you'll get a level of detail and color that wasn't possible before." How else would you phrase it without "you"? Is it me or is this barely noteworthy


If it was some other company, they would've phrased it like "The Galaxy s30's camera uses an advanced neural image processing which'll capture better moon photos by day or by moonlight" and so on. See no 'You' and 'Your'.


“The latest iteration of the image sensor on this phone has X% increased detail and Y% increased color rendering vs the previous iteration. This improvement is consistent regardless of ambient light conditions.”


I agree this is not noteworthy. To answer your question though, this could be phrased something like: "So whether the photos are taken by day or by moonlight, they'll have a level of detail and color that wasn't possible before."


Well, it saved a click from a barely noteworthy article.


It’s barely noteworthy lol


Ironic, since they try their darndest to never actually let you own your own apple device and repair it yourself, take it to an independent shop, etc


This does not surprise me at all.


Honestly they really got me with "mmmmm purple"


I remember getting an email telling me, "Price drop! Claim your Honda before it's gone", and I thought that was pretty clever. They are calling it MY Honda, as if the purchase is inevitable. I just haven't bought it yet. The only thing keeping my destiny from becoming a reality? I fail to click this very second and buy the damn thing! As it turns out, it was the pandemic that kept my destiny from becoming a reality, we really didn't need a 2nd car last year. But it was still a really effectively way of wording their come-on. I imagine it works that way for Apple too.


Just go into the dealership and tell them you are there to pick up your Honda. You should not have to pay for it since you already own it.


"Yes, it's Your Honda, as soon as you pay this $18,000 transfer fee"


isn't it ***SECURITY ??***


***PRIVACY*** that's iPhone.




This is an odd characterization, considering Apple doesn't profit off selling people's information and has taken more steps toward user privacy than any other company. And before I get the inevitable replies: I know that they do that as part of their brand to make more money. That's fine. But their business model is still worlds apart from the likes of Google and Facebook, and misconstruing that simply belies a total lack of understanding of the topic.


True. Now can they work on making their products repairable lol?


If only. — (not) sent from my bricked iPad Pro 🥲


Sorry, I don't believe apple If they claim to not sell user data. No way would they be missing out on such a revenue stream. They are just as scummy as all the others giants


Where would they be profiting off of it? They have a different (extremely) viable business model. It’s not voodoo. They’re a publicly traded company so look into it.


User data sells for a bunch of money, that's how Facebook and Google make a percentage of their money


Yes and Apple sells hardware and services, that’s where they make their money. You can observe how and where google/Facebook sell access to the data. Where is Apple doing this? How are they making money off of it if they were doing it?


To advertiser's for one, I ain't a big tech guy but I am not naive. I just know they won't be missing out on any extra profits.


There’s not being naive and then there’s baseless speculation. So point out where this massive pile of cash is on their financial statements because it would have to be a HUGE amount of money to be worth risking their customer standing by secretly selling them out. Or are they not declaring it and risking a tax evasion probe? And how are they so good at keeping it a secret since, as a marketing guy, I’ve never heard a lick of this Apple Illuminati advertising cabal that I would love to buy access to.


You make a good point, I didn't realize their financials were public knowledge. They probably don't then, i was wrong


Holy hell, you’re an internet unicorn. I’ve never seen someone realize something and admit it. Color me impressed! But yeah I see where you’re coming from if you though they were private - like who knows what’s going on behind the curtain then


the issue is how selling users isnt gonna be worth the cost for them. something like google or facebook do it bc thats their whole business model. apple sells hardware the effort wouldnt be worth it for them, so they go the opposite route and market privacy. if it was efficient for them i wouldnt doubt they would. even without the cost to store all that data, the user info they could provide isnt gonna be as good as what google and facebook can provide




I appreciate and generally share the concern, but Apple is a publicly traded company. They can't just hide their revenue streams, so it doesn't make sense to say "they're selling user data but we don't have record of the profit because ~secrets~". Like, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about proprietary software (eg, is their encryption implemented correctly?), but it doesn't make sense to use the proprietary nature of their products as a reason to suggest that they have alternate means of profit than exactly what they state publicly.


Facebook doesn't sell user data either. Doesn't mean they're universally loved for their data collection


Facebook DEFINITELY sells user data


Facebook lets you pay them to run ads, and then show those ads to the people most likely to click on them. What part of that is selling user data?


they don't sell CSVs or DB files directly, but their business model hinges on delivering targeted ads tailored based on data they collect, which is just a roundabout way to sell data. They definitely market themselves with the ownership of those data.


The 2 Words Websites Use Most Often to Create Clickbait Might Surprise You


Guessing that is a direct reflection on the narcissistic people who buy Apple.


iphones are a joke. less features each model, price doubles.


Building a story brand look it up


Would've guessed "Apple"


Your phone sucks


This is copywriting 101, write as if you're addressing one specific individual.


All i see is "overpriced" and "trash"