When does Kansas leave early access?

When does Kansas leave early access?


It's mostly a raid zone for the Tornado class bosses. People only visit the zone during the Tornado Alley events.


I heard of players higher in the meteorology tree who farm credits by selling recordings they make of the Tornado and Hurricane bosses in the [US] region. Some of them craft mods for their mounts to resist the AoE like hail and debris. It's pretty profitable, if you've got the right kit and skills


Stormchasing is a pretty good money making method, but you get 10x credits per hour by killing the tornado boss directly. That’s what I always do. I’m getting around $50,000 for each kill from all the drops that come hurtling to the ground once the wind stops.


What game mods are you running? Last I heard the tornado boss is immune to basically everything except divine type damage, and there's no legitimate way for player characters to deal divine damage...




Er, you haven't? I mean the game is pretty broken and unfair without.


No because we don't know how


The "hallucinogen" consumables will allow you to play with mods temporarily, however the mods are client side and you don't get to keep anything you get from them. There is no legitimate way to keep items collected during modded playthroughs, some people claim they can but tornado guy is full of bullshit. Just be careful with the consumables, I heard they can give your character permanent debuffs.




If you're seen using them, you can potentially get removed from your clan, profession or religion, although it's up to those groups. Some debuffs could make achievements harder, but they're still possible from what I know.


While Hallucinogen items can disable certain achievement it also unlocks many along high tier achievements on the wisdom tree. Many of the achievements were once thought to only be available true a high [Meditation] skill. Its currently unsure if its a bug although many cultures with guilds aiming to fill the wisdom tree have consumed hallucinogen type items.


Many mods are stuck behind paywalls unfortunately.


Yeah. There is the "rich parent" mod. I keep trying to install it but my PC is too old. I keep getting these poor mo fos.




Yeah, they're known as "drugs" in-game, but a lot of them are strictly controlled so you need to complete the "adhd diagnosis" miniquest or go to the black markets where PVP/griefing/scams and GM sanctioned PKing are always a real possibility.


Player characters with enough of the faith or luck stat can cast spells that deal divine damage however this only works if there’s no other player characters around except other members of your religious guild. Trust me I’ve dealt divine damage before. Just ask one of my friends also in my religious guild.




That's my favorite spell!


So you're a looter


Nah they’re a savior


Are those bosses? I thought if you got too close you get a scripted death.


Sometimes you don't defeat the boss, you just survive until the timer runs out.


Nah, it’s not scripted. The way the bosses work is actually a really cool use of the physics engine: they deal pure environmental damage by hitting you with props going at crazy speeds. They go so fast and move so unpredictably that going near one is a death sentence unless you have endgame gear


I love that you describe it as a boss! One of the higher ups on the US server considered using the nuke weapon on a hurricane boss lmao


That player was a pay to win but doesn’t really understand the limits of the game physics.


it's still really easy to level up there though so lots of players move there from the more populated/expensive servers on the coasts.


disagree, the [gender dysphoria] and [abuse] debuffs make it a really hard server to live on, at least for me


Yeah the Bible Belt region would definitely be a tough place for anyone without the [heteronormative] and [binary] stat bases. Some players really do have problems with that for no discernible reason... I think they're just reading really old changelogs and should be listening to the news the dataminers have been finding


I respawned to Kansas [Wichita map] from New England region when I was at level 7. Am at level 37 now and I have no desire to ever leave. It gets a bad rap from inexperienced players but it is truly an amazing place with so many advantages for all kinds of players. I mean it’s basically always set to easy mode and the annual bonus multipliers are typically the highest you’ll find in the entire US server when you factor in cost of playing. And yes, there are some enemies, but that’s no different than any other region, and it’s not like they really inflict any kind of damage to other players. They’re just annoying. I hope you get the opportunity to play some time, even if only on a trial basis. We welcome and encourage all players to visit or join our communities.


Nah man. I'm over in the Mid-Atlantic zones. We get !Blizzards! and !Heat Waves! but they're way lower level than in their native zones. Otherwise, the only real challenges we face are from other players which are easy enough to navigate around. I prefer to stick with the enemy I understand rather than roll the dice against the fickle devs and their full-force Primordial bosses


Well their whole guild is run by griefers, that may have something to do with it.


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I don’t get why people who won’t even bother to read the patch notes try to come on here and spout bad, outdated information. Not allowing players to respec (or not spec into) genders was a bug.


Kansas is on the lower end of content due to it being more of a weather effects testing area for the devs. Save for tropical and volcanic weather Kansas receives almost all of the weather effects and in great number.


I did my first 18 levels in Kansas, and it definitely gets tropical from time to time. 100% humidity, while 100+ degrees during a thunderstorm, is pretty much a copy of monsoon events.


Man, I really hope the devs add the earthquake feature that the neighboring zone, Missouri, got for a limited time event. Could be a big changeup. Hard to see the devs adding any volcanoes though. They went pretty hardcore on that one up in Wyoming


Some of the Oklahoma players in the oil and gas guild have been installing small earthquake mods in northern OK and southern KS.


I'm playing in Kansas right now and I think they at least beta tested the earthquakes earlier this year.


There's actually a secret entrance to a different realm there. Only one player has ever found it, but the story surrounding it has remained popular for generations of players. I wouldn't suggest seeking it out though. It's full of talking animals and objects with debilitating absences of humanity, flying monkeys and dwarves that perv on child actresses. Rumor has it that the player unlocked the color code for everyone by going there, but no other benefits have been found.


The portal is supposedly in the "Flint Hills" area, which seems to be one of the few sections of the map with any topography. However, the actual location is just a green building filled with non-usable objects and disabled NPCs in different art styles. You can get the item "yellow brick burrito" from a neighboring vendor, but it isn't particularly valuable, or that good at increasing HP.


There was also a not so secret portal to the hell realm but it was removed when the devs agreed that Kansas was hell enough as it is


In earlier builds of the game, Kansas was actually a hub world with lots of connections to other zones. After the devs scaled back on the train fast travel feature, they left it in the game for some reason.


Only the US server got train fast travel nerfed. In the Asia (East) server it keeps getting improved and is now faster than any other form of fast travel. Wierd how the devs kinda force US clan members use the car object, because you actually have to make inputs and even pass a mission to do it.


God I wish we still had a decent train level.


Some sense of scale is necessary when comparing servers in different zones. The entire Japan server is roughly the same size as the California server. Yet the Japan server has 3x more players than the California server. Also, the devs didn't nerf train fast travel on the USA server; the players did. USA players tend to be pretty emphatic about doing things their own way, and what better to do it than to have your own custom vehicle mount?


Actually, players by far preferred to use the train and metro rail, but some of the devs for different car types actually coordinated and attacked the train devs. You can even find depreciated train assests under the water off the western edge of the American server, where car devs dumped them after the updates 😣


I know about what happened to the train system in the LA zone of the California server. It wasn't so much the personal vehicle devs that killed it. It was mostly the bus devs in conjuction with the rubber tire devs.


Honestly, as a USA player, I enjoy it this way. Fast travel always feels like I'm missing out on stuff, and I'm the type to just take my mount and go wherever, something you can't really do with rail fast travel.


You could still do this side quests even if US servers had continued massive growth in high speed rail story lines. Instead it's your only real option.


I feel you. I'm currently on vacation with my brother, and we have little to no itinerary. We're pretty much just driving around the southwest looking for interesting day hikes that are off the beaten path.


*side quest


In Europe it's pretty good too.


It wasn't the devs who nerfed train fast travel in the US, but diesel and car manufacturing guild members. They helped make the politician skill tree more pay to win too.


It’s called the plains biome. Specifically, the Great Plains mega-biome. Kansas is smack in the center.


Its called lazy Devs who found an excuse for copy/pasting areas by the square kilometer.


Square lightsecond*


If every landscape was an epic vista then the game would lag way too hard.


They spice this sector up with angry cloud NPC’s that randomly drop from the sky and erase all previous progress, even after a save. So, content has been added, but it gets scrubbed and refreshed regularly.


Seems pretty lazy of the devs to kinda copy and paste that one across a lot of the zones around Kansas. Like we get it, you like vacuums.


Now I know the inspiration behind the Rust minigame! It makes for an interesting game experience having to start over constantly until you get lucky with the RNG


If you think Kansas is early access, check out the Mississippi server. They're still in alpha.


I hear that’s how it was intended for the Mississippi servers. Earlier clans and some to this day opted for internal spawning. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but after a few spawn cycles other servers noticed they had unlocked the technically retarded lineage. Now the server is super bogged down and they’re way too stupid to figure it out. Other servers kinda just agreed to let them do their thing and water their couches in peace.


META: this is the best use of this sub I've seen in ages. Possibly ever. Fucking fantastic post OP. ^(I'm completely serious, I love this)


Pretty sure it's a debug zone the creators accidentally left in the game and were too lazy to remove because it hasn't gotten an update in ages and they don't intend to update it either


idk about kansas but acre zone of the brazil server is believed to be a debug zone where dinasour clases where play tested so there still some there


That sounds weird as hell. I bet the danger level is pretty high down that way. I play in the American North East server primarily and haven't successfully left so my difficulty isn't too high but escaping to other zones has become tedious


I saw a stream where you can find dino bones in Kansas! I heard that the devs did some testing with dinos on the Kansas server but they all died out. Apparently the weather had a bug and rocks rained down on the dinos.


There’s speculation that it was meant to be a loading area to give the game time to load in and render the faraway cities, mountains, etcetera.


My home server was Kansas for a while. It's not in early access, its just a different playstyle. I actually prefer playing in servers with locations with lots of \[rural\] tags


My issue is when Kansas players boo their own arena guild for showing support for their fellow brethren.


The problem with Kansas is all the playerbase worth catering to keep bailing. The devs don't want to invest in taking the game out of early access because the player base is too toxic right now. Not to mention the gameplay in Kansas straight up sucks right now.


That’s what happens when the only incentivized skill tree is cow building


Wasn't there a mining tree at some point?


Maybe. I’m not coming up with any results from my characters internal index. At this point the technology skill tree enthusiasts probably took that long over or harvested all of the good stuff.


Why do all human mains think everyone else is a NPC?


Ever since trolls began the rumor that the Empathy trait has hard-coded debuffs, some people just refuse to even acknowledge other players exist, I suppose...


wait a minute. I have never heard a more ridiculous rumor. really curious as to what defuffs these trolls claim the Empathy trait has.


They claim that Empathy and associated traits have all sorts of manner of weird nonsense "debuffs" that don't actually exist--outright physical weakness, lowered social rankings with other players, feminization of the player character due to increased estrogen(???). They usually try to hide how ridiculous it is by being incredibly vague that they're claiming the Empathy trait causes it, instead usually saying sub-traits associated with a high Empathy stat (such as tolerance, justice, or anti-xenophobia) cause these debuffs. But make no mistake--they know what they're doing, and they know the traits they claim cause these debuffs are related to a high Empathy stat. Nevermind the fact that it's all made up, it's all a bunch of pseudo-gameplay nonsense that pretty much only exists for these trolls to convince you they are better at the game then you are, without them having to actually do a single thing, and usually they just use it as an excuse to further troll other players they deem "bad" at the game (read: have a different playstyle or even just player character build from them). Historian players have uncovered this form of trolling has existed for many, many, MANY updates and clans, and despite numerous scientist players datamining to prove none of this is true, it won't stop these trolls from spewing such nonsense...


So that furries don’t get any ideas.


I had a base there for a while while I was struggling through the college side-quest. Aside from doing that there really isn't much to do, but I think if the developers added some more content it wouldn't be terrible


I played in the LFK server until Level 12. I have very fond memories, and there was lots of content.


Kansas is an opportunity.


To do nothing.


They left it fairly bare because they needed to allocate data to build up other points of interests, mostly cities. Not enough server capacity to really develop that region at the moment. And some of the loot farmers out there make a lot of money by selling the naturally spawning stuff. They’ve gotten a really efficient system down at the moment and the devs are a bit afraid to upset them because of their power over the in-game economy.


I attempted to drive across Kansas once. My screen froze for seven hours.


Kansas is mostly a beta area for the grasslands environment type and the tornado event. I don't think they ever meant it to leave early access.


Ehh eastern kansas is fine. Western kansas altho. Is pretty damn bare. I guess they are updating from left to right


actually Kansas's content is in another dimension, you can't normally see it. you need a special consumable called LCD in order to free your mind and access the spirit realm much like Avatar the last airbender, you will be able to talk to the cows too.


It’s your character, but eating liquid crystal displays hoping they are a potion consumable is pretty fucking stupid man




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I hear the difficulty is based on your pigmentation selection at character creation. It may seem lackluster but it's actually a survival challenge zone. The darker your pigmentation, the greater the challenge due to hostiles in the area


I can vouch, but it depends on what region within the Kansas zone you’re in. One of my parent players chose the “India” region to spawn in, but eventually changed it to Kansas when doing the college questline. In the [Lawrence] location, he didn’t experience many hostiles targetting him due to pigmentation, but in parts of the state with more Rural class players, he noticed this.


I think that's a pretty universal thing in this game. Players in more rural zones have lower Education stats and still believe we're in PvP mode with players from other clans. And they also still believe that a player's pigmentation attribute determines what clan they originated from and what actions are available to them.


That's why it's important to remember, PvP IS ALWAYS ON. Stay safe, guildies.


Good information here. Would be nice if they put it in the Manual




It was founded as a free state after a very infamous PvP battle.


..that launched the entire pvp server into a full scale war. there's probably legacy code from this which means the devs can't delete it.


More recent PvP battles in the sports tree have even begun to drop as players in neighboring states have moved to separate sports related sub servers. A sad development, because some of the battles got so escalated a neutral city on the two zones borders was chosen to host some battle events.


Hakuna your tatas. We're trying to have a laugh.


My bad.


The idea that it was made as a free state invalidates this players experience of racism is also dumb af


Kansas seems to be really attractive to the human Basketball player build when they’re around level 20. Most of the Kansas server is empty, but the eastern side of the map has some gems


Little known easter egg on the far western side of the map is Mount Sunflower. Its not even a mountain, just some rocks. I guess this passes for humor on the Kansas server.


For some reason the more populated areas come with a “terrible driver” debuff, I’m guessing that’s why it hasn’t been updated


That debuff is everywhere. Kansas players aren't even that bad. Slow, but not terrible.


Ah, y’all must not be old enough to remember the Bleeding Kansas Battle-Royale Event.


Hey they did add in that fun Dust Bowl event too. Well actually, I think the reviews were pretty bad for the event and they haven't run it again.


Yeah, that was wasn’t as fun tbh


West Texas seems to be in dev mode- the landscape is barren and it smells awful


The topeka servers pretty buggy too and full of trolls like phelps.


There are millions and millions of Gopher NPCs, and an entire ecosystem of other NPCs that depends on eating the gophers. Owls. Hawks. Coyotes. Members of the Weasel-class guild. Rattlesnakes. You name it. There use to be millions and millions of Bison NPCs as well, but... they were raided into near extinction. But it would have been nice for the Devs to add like, a single hill or something to break up the landscape. I don't think there's one in the entire zone.


Hey there are the flint hills, which are made of, you guessed it, flint. The devs kinda phoned this region in if you ask me.


Those are way cooler than that stupid rock another player mentioned


Prairie Dogs are plentiful. A bit bigger than gophers and they have a slightly different diet.


I thought it was more of a legacy zone than content deprived


There's some fan fiction about an OZ story line, and Emerald City, accessible via a tornado event. But otherwise, as another player said to me:. "Interstate 80 is hundreds of miles of nothing. I don't know why Dorothy wanted to go home!"


It's not all bad. Due to practitioners of the 'Farming' and 'Brewing' classes, you can find some ale with really decent stats at the local taverns. There are also a few NPC shops that sell Uncommon- and Rare-quality Barbecue items. Buying or renting non-guild private houses tends to be pretty cheap too, although most of the repeatable quests on the KS server don't pay nearly as much as some of the quests on the coastal servers do.


Where, do cows have dialogue, such that this was an expectation that you had?


I assume you were on the West side of Kansas. I used to base on the East side, but now I'm in the central part near the city "Wichita". In this part of the map, there are some trees and more people, but it's still lacking in terms of gameplay. Pretty much all there is to do here is explore the "woods" biome. I can't imagine the west side.


I thought you heard, Kansas has been cancelled. They're going to pull the plug when all the grandfathered users disconnect.


we all fucking hate living here, too many violent nps around the city & open spaces with nothing :/




You have 5 minutes to take this down


Kansas has a small to medium hub on the eastern side for people who like the beer and barbecue consumables. Other than one big hub (That Kansas shares with the Missouri sub-zone) the other spots in kansas have been forgotten by the devs including the people. Many of the people in the western part of kansas have chosen not to update to the "civil rights" version of the America server.


Kansas had an event years back that would take you to a zone that is called “Notenkansas” thru a tornado. Cool witch NPC. Not sure if the event happens anymore but you may be able to dig up some old footage


There were plans to program the entire state flat like one of the Minigame modes of MineCraft, but that fell through due to insufficient funds.


Oh man, if you think Kansas is bad, avoid Nebraska. That zone is mind breakingly terrible with the "content", or lack of it. Once you're there you are just stuck there for hours, and you gotta hope whatever programs or hardware you're operating doesn't crash or need a restart because it just drags things out that much longer. It desperately needs patches and upgrading but I wouldn't be surprised if devs have mostly given up on the zone


The devs wanted to experiment with terrain that is flatter than a pancake, but then they got bored and left it how it is.


Here's a joke! What did the computer do at lunchtime? Had a byte!


Kansas failed development so hard we didnt even get real beer in grocery stores until a few years ago


My player spawned in this zone, though in the very eastern part that has more content. I think it's a buffer for the mountain zone further west, so players have to get to a certain level and access the [Automobile] item before they can get to it.


Bitch have you *seen* Nebraska?


It's all farmland now, it used to be the prairie biome but that's mostly gone, now prairie's are one of the rarest biomes


Sorry dude but its kind of only good for fast travelling across and maybe sports minigames in kansas city if you dont know high level players there. If you have relatives in the farmer class then you get access to the perfect vehicles for prairie type terrain: ATVs. It is mostly a grinding area for the farmer builds but it is rewarding over the long run.


Now you know why dorthy needed to get out of Kansas?


I thought Cows are players...


I miss that kind of content. My zone gets updates like every other week. I hardly know how to play anymore.


The devs put almost all of their development time into central and north eastern kansas.


Think the devs had something like gm_flatgrass in mind but never got around to adding the sandbox and mod features...


Wait cows are NPCs? I thought there were no NPCs.


The full release of Kansas is called Arkansas (short for "Advanced Revision of Kansas"), but for some reason the devs forgot to remove the beta assets from the game.




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Wdym NPCs? There's no NPCs in Outside^(TM)