ALBUM OF THE YEAR 1973 | Pre-Game Thread

ALBUM OF THE YEAR 1973 | Pre-Game Thread


quadrophenia what Edit: to be fair, all of the top five lifesavers deserved to make it


None of these don’t belong here, but I’m bummed Quadrophenia got left out.


Stevie for the win. Glad Head Hunters is in. Hope Can and Marvin make it far too. Ngl, as much as I love Houses of the Holy and Raw Power, I kind of would have liked to see Quadrophenia and Roxy Music in their place. HotH is kind of weak compared to the two Zep albums it's sandwiched between TL;DR: Top 5 are Stevie > Can > Marvin > Floyd > Herbie


Remember when I said that Close to the Edge being a 6/10 was my hottest take uhhh scratch that because Houses of the Holy is kinda bad


No you’re right it’s kind of a shit album


best zep don’t @ me


only if you're just referring to d'yer maker


Yeah I am confused how Houses of the Holy is even in the top 10


id be super hyped if innervisions won




I'm upset that Genesis didn't make it in, but I'm actually pretty happy with the albums that made it.


Really hope The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway can have a good showing in 74, though I expect it’ll probably go to King Crimson


I don’t think many people on this sub would even be willing to give Lamb a fair listen...


holy shit, head hunters was saved by one vote


Disappointing lineup considering that Genesis - Selling England By The Pound is better than pretty much all of these albums except for DSoTM and maybe Future Days.


10. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Not a fan. 9. Paul McCartney - Band on the Run - Another one I wouldn’t have near the top ten for this year. 8. Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power 7. Marvin Gaye - Let’s Get it On 6. David Bowie - Aladdin Sane - Starting to get into the meat now. 5. Led Zeppelin - Not as strong as first four but still great. 4. Can - Future Days. Title track on my top songs ever. Rest is great too. 3. Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters. Better and more interesting than Bitches Brew and other Miles stuff from early 70s. Sue me. 2. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions - A truly great record. So much better than the bloated and often sappy Songs in the Key of Life. 1. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon. Duh. Actually underrated these days. Better than Wish You Were Here and especially Animals. Better than any Radiohead album. Special mention: Steely Dan - Countdown to Ecstasy. Would have had it #4. Incredible front to back. Second special mention: Waylon Jennings - Honky Tonk Heroes. 🐐 country album. A personal favorite artist of mine who should be celbrated on the level of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.


Dark side of the moon is one of the most loved albums of all time, what more do you want?


While it’s not my personal favorite record just commentary I think it should be considered the best album of all time … commentary on where it sits on rym.


Yeah but like: how could it be more highly rated than one of the most beloved albums of all time?


Based take on Steely Dan, it'd be #3 for me and I do not regret my lifesaver vote for it. Def my fave of theirs.


Love your take on The dark side of the moon.


I get the love for Dark Side, but my winner is Innervisions. Also Elton out first is just wrong, that hurts me on a extremely personal level. Also, absolutely agree with the Steely Dan take, not my favorite album of theirs but would make my top 5 this year.


Future Days is the connoisseur’s prog album


Wow kind of a light year lol


So much got left out man. If Berlin, quadrophenia, for your pleasure, New York dolls, and Paris 1919 all get left out before the main round begin than idk if I could consider it a light year tbh


Damn yeah that'd be a much more interesting one then ye


This has to be a joke, the lineup is kind of insane as is but Quadrophenia, For Your Pleasure and either of the Marley albums making it in would have put it over the top. But then that would be too many


Eh out of the albums that made it, I'm only really interested in Can, Herbie Hancock, and Pink Floyd (though I need to give Innervisions some more listens...). Pretty wild that the ones you mentioned got left out lol damn.


Sarcasm? There are like three or four A-tier albums in the lifesaver that didn't make it in. Only one of my top three albums for the year is actually here lol


Which one?


Innervisions, which is also my pick to win here. Selling England by the Pound and Countdown to Ecstasy would've rounded it out.


I was basing my comment off the list that did make it, not the ones that didn't. :p


Are you serious?


Kinda shocked that only 1 person decided to save Sextant


These are my top five, in alphabetical order: Can Marvin Gaye Iggy Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd


Bro Genesis whyyyyyyyy


1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has a goat Side A 2. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Lynyrd Skynyrd didn’t even get close to being saved, but still, that album’s iconic.


It's criminal that Quadrophenia didn't make it in.


Selling England by the Pound is a phenomenal album and it doesn’t even get a look-in; it would have been my runner-up. Shocked at the state of this already


Dark Side of the Moon is an all time classic in my thoroughly uneducated opinion, but its not my favourite Floyd so if (when) it doesn't win I'll just hold out for 1975...


10. Houses of the Holy 9. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 8. Band on the Run 7. Aladdin Sane 6. Headhunters 5. Innervisions 4. Raw Power 3. Let’s Get It On 2. DSOTM 1. Future Days


Well, I know what I’m voting for first. Bye bye Zeppelin, Stevie for the win.


1: Innervisions (10/10) 2: Let’s Get It On (10/10) 3: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (9/10) 4: The Dark Side of the Moon (9/10) 5: Head Hunters (9/10) 6: Band on the Run (9/10) 7: Raw Power (8/10) 8: Future Days (8/10) 9: Aladdin Sane (8/10) 10: Houses of the Holy (6/10)


WOW good lineup but this is not what I expected. Gotta relisten to Houses of the Holy & Head Hunters before we start, but I’m excited.


I'm just happy that Head Hunters is there.


Bullshit that neither Bob Marley album got in


He’s got better albums later on, Exodus is a guarantee qualifier for 77