Hot take on regional pizza

Hot take on regional pizza


Pizza is love. Pizza is life. I just wish my stomach could handle basil, it always gets upset and that's unfortunative because I like basil.


I'm the same with cheese


I’m genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, *so* sorry to hear that. I love basil and couldn’t imagine life without!!


Oh I still eat the pesto pizzas at work and then I regret it.


Is it only basil you have problems with? If you're making the pizza yourself, try replacing it with oregano.


I'm a fan of oregano, I still eat basil. Rosemary bothers my stomach even more.


I feel your pain, I am violently allergic to basil. I have to be “that person” at all social functions and it’s such a drag. I get so much shade for being picky, but I’m like “No no! I actually love Italian! I would absolutely murder a good caprese if I could, but it would murder me right back, soooooo...” Ugh.


I don't have any allergies as far as I know. When I was a kid it seemed like I was allergic to shellfish but that seems to have gone away. Can that happen? Also when I was a kid I could never keep down hot dogs, every time I would eat them I'd throw up.


That sucks, it goes so well with tomato. Unfortunately I can't handle raw tomato w/o getting a rash so I use store-made pizza sauce.


I still eat basil I just get really bad acid feeling.


Pesto is the besto.


I love pesto but my stomach does not.


If its pizza, and if it's hot or if it's cold, I want to eat it.


I actually kinda prefer colder pizza, cuz it’s stiffer and not as greasy


Yes! And just nice as breakfast or lunch in the morning. The cheese has a distinct flavor even it's been baked and then cooled down again.


Me, I like a nice, warm slice. Cold pizzas great, but given the choice, I like mine not cold.


I love this but it reminds me of a guy I knew from Italy. He was a big snob about pizza: he said that it's it's not margherita then it's not real pizza. He should have been happy that an Italian dish conquered the entire world but he chose to be a gatekeeping food snob Come to think of it, food snobs are some of the most annoying people in existence. Who cares if I put ketchup on a hot dog?


Food snobs are super annoying, especially when the hill they want to die on is "never change or innovate recipes *ever*." It especially bugs me with stuff like this - I wonder if your buddy knew tomatoes are a New World crop and his ancestors apparently found this plant from another continent worthy of adapting into so many of their dishes.


It's the same with sushi too. I'm Japanese and I still love American style sushi but there are plenty of people who think it's not real sushi.


Exactly, I get the distinction but I will destroy a California roll as fast as some Tuna nigiri.


Yeah some Italians gatekeeps pizza. It's fair to categorize pizza like New York pizza etc, but pizza is pizza. Also it's bullshit that the only real pizza is margherita. Most of us eat it with lots of toppings and usually we order margherita only if we want to stay light on the stomach


Wait it's weird to put ketchup on hotdogs? Where I live basically everyone puts ketchup on hotdogs, it's a norm


I assume you’re talking about a Chicago style hot dog. People do get kinda techy if you add ketchup to that one, it’s seen as akin to pouring frozen orange juice into Dom Peringon. That one, you really can’t call it a Chicago dog if there’s ketchup. “Hey! Look at my Kitchen Sink Special, y’all!” should be fine. It isn’t, people will still try to fight you, but it *should* be, dangit! Let people enjoy things!


people die when they are killed bungee gum has both the propreties of rubber and gum


I have never understood literally anyone not from italy gatekeeping pizza. I mean, its not like pizza was first made in the Empire State Building.


The “probably” makes the tweet


The idea that people from, like, anywhere that isn't in Italy think that they get to define "proper" pizza has always amused me.


I like all pizza. I’m not american or italian, so I’m not one of the main players in this debate, but I like all pizza. Even dry pizza.


Ah, but you see, therein lies the deeper gatekeep; is it really pizza if it's outside of NY and NJ?


Yes. Unless it’s from St. Louis, in which case it’s a war crime.


Fuck St. Louis and that abomination.


Finally, a pizza opinion everyone can agree with


All pizza is good pizza


How fucking stupid can you be? It could also be from Texas!




Come on, Pizza from Sydney Australia is the Best Pizza in Sydney.


What a brave soul.