It was fun while it lasted

It was fun while it lasted


"because of covid" has been the biggest excuse for literally everything for the past year. Some it very important and valid, and other things..... not so much. ​ My kids prom banned commercial vehicle. That meant no limosines. They said it was because of covid. What? The real reason is that they thought that kids having to drive themselves to prom would remove the temptation of alcohol consumption on the way to prom. A noble goal. But let's just be honest.


My school just bussed us all to prom. In 2018. Not sure if it was to detere drinking but it was standard for that school at least.


My wife told me her school hosted an all night indoor party after prom. There were all sorts of games and activities to be played. I'm pretty sure she said there was a bouncy castle. And there were prizes too. Like, really expensive prizes. You could win TV's and laptops and all sorts of crazy shit. But they only announced prizes at like 5am. If you left at any point, you would no longer be eligible to win prizes, and you wouldn't be allowed back in. Whatever it takes to stop kids from having premarital sex, I guess.


We had this too… minus the prizes :/ they just forced us to go to the all night party with vague threats of getting in trouble


I went to a small highschool, they put up locked gates around the building to make sure kids didnt sneak off the have sex so they just did it in the bathrooms. Where theres a will theres a way.


Lmao I was gonna say, we had tons of sex at school 😆


Hopefully not with the teachers


Mostly not.


Mostly knot... Are you saying anal doesn't count?


It’s more to prevent drinking and driving. It was called Project Graduation for us in 2005 and was basically an all night “party” at a carnival.


Yup. And we all snuck in drugs and alcohol anyway because we just graduated and wanted to let loose


Kids are gonna do what they want, if they want it bad enough. My high school offered the all night thing, but most didn’t care about the prizes, and my group went to get food before moving onto our after party with booze and premarital sex. For context, this was before ride sharing existed.


> Whatever it takes to stop kids from having premarital sex, I guess. lol if you think being in an indoor event hosted by the school stopped fuckin, you crazy bud


Yeah, our after prom was at the community rec center. With two hot tubs and a giant pool. And no chaperones in the pool area.


We got caught by the janitor under the special ed staircase.


My high school did this for the seniors separately from the prom, it was pretty rad


My school did that for our all night party since it was the first (and only) one not held at the school. Thought it would stop kids from getting drunk and stoned before and during. except it was a public place and they were too cheap to rent the whole thing out so we just had our friends meet us after we got there and the school ended up with a bunch of fucked up kids that weren't even theirs


I still would have found a way


Now they’re all drunk driving instead! Great job school district.


Lol we had to blow a breathalyzer before they let us in


And that’s why my school dances were full of stoners, but not drunk kids


> The real reason is that they thought that kids having to drive themselves to prom would remove the temptation of alcohol consumption on the way to prom. A noble goal. But let's just be honest. If we're just being honest it's a shit goal and a shit execution. The only thing removing public transportation does to alcohol consumption is turn it into drunk driving.


The amount of drunk kids at my prom was kinda ridiculous. I know we snuck a bunch in under our jackets and dresses to get a good buzz on for the dinner/dance portion. Then went nuts in the limo on the way back, on our way to the hotel party. My date passed out like 20 minutes after we got to the hotel, so I spent the whole night babysitting her to make sure she was okay.


Right? What the fuck. So the kids couldn't even call a taxi. Brilliant!


IDK a bunch of kids packed tightly in the back of a limo and sharing glasses of Martinelli's apple cider and pretending it's champagne is still a very covid thing to happen, esp if the limo had someone covid + in it and then all the kids bring it to the rest of the party. I kinda agree with banning that in the middle of a pandemic. The idea of prom where a bunch of kids are gonna hold hands, dance closely, and share punch is a terrible idea mid pandemic anyway. But I still see the merit in the banned limos, especially if there was not a local statute in place to ensure cleaning of those limos in between rides.


Eh if they actually banned it for fear of covid they wouldnt have had the prom


And if people genuinely tried during covid, there wouldn't be folsk walking around with their mask below their nose. I remember early covid, a coworker wore gloves 100% of the time, even when eating - the purpose of gloves would be so you take them off before eating or touching your nose or eyes. Humans are notorious for doing a few little things incorrectly that ruin the purpose of stuff all the time - and then feeling like they genuinely tried. I would not at all be surprised if someone's thought process was "well, we should make an exception for prom since it's a formative experience for so many and we all have nostalgia about our own... so if we require masks, dont let them refill punches and ban limos, i think that will show we tried!" and a few key idiots went with it.


I can appreciate this perspective. But I still think this was alcohol related. All the kids had to be either fully vaccinated (and submit proof) or they had to come to school to get a rapid test the day of prom, including dates from other schools. All dates ID's had to submitted ahead of time. So I feel that they covered their bases preventing covid from coming to the prom with that requirement. On a positive note, the school started on site vaccination clinics for kids 12 and up immediately after that was approved. They had previous clinics for kids 16 and above (the age of most prom attendees). They've done a very thorough job.


I just feel bad for a lot of those kids. Prom happens one year of your life. To miss It because of covid, that just plain sucks.


I dunno, I skipped mine, because it seemed like such a lame way to spend an evening. I bought concert tickets for 5 of my friends, and we went to that instead. Plus, the cost of 5 tickets was far cheaper than a dress, hair + makeup, limo, dinner, & hotel suite.


A lot of others look forward to it though.


Yes I'd like to take "Ways to encourage teenagers to drive under the influence" for $500.


That just sounds like a way ti have kids driving drunk instead unfortunately.


What could go wrong


Thats..... terrible. Perhaps encourages drunk driving. Should be less concerned that they're drinking and more concerned about them getting home. Who comes up with this?


Now at least I can tell people “sorry, I’m busy” again and they might actually believe I have something going on.


It should be illegal to ask, “what have you been up to lately?”




I hope you're not speaking from experience but I get the sense you might be so just wana say I hope you're doing well




Ever since the first time I got really sick I've thought nurses need to flex their collective bargaining power more*, it's ridiculous the way they're treated, and all my experience is in california which I've heard is a relatively good state for nurses. They have 10 jobs in one with crazy long shifts. They have a specialized degree in saving lives AND they have to clean up every type of fluid that can come out of a human AND pretend it's not disgusting even though it clearly is. <- how the cinnamon toast FUCK do they do it. All this this while half their patients are using racial slurs or sexually harassing them, berating them for drugs, sometimes physically attacking them. People think we're a meritocracy but any true meritocracy would have nurses ballin out of control salary wise and being treated with basic human decency by their employer. We shouldn't expect such absurd sacrifices from people who are contributing so much.


100%, & so many of them get treated like shit by the doctors they work for! & talked down to, treated like they’re less educated or “just a nurse”... I thought about going through nursing school after getting my first counseling certification, because I work well under pressure & thought being a psych nurse might be rewarding... But I watched a friend go into the field, burn out *fast*, & decided it wasn’t worth it. For all of the reasons you just mentioned & then some. I wound up working as a therapist in crisis care anyway, & I definitely get treated like shit by my clients at times- but at least I’m not expected to touch them or clean up their bodily fluids!


Careful, last time I suggested medical professionals go on strike on reddit I got banned.


Do you know what type of plant she got?


Asking the important questions


My brother is an RN and that's pretty much what he's dealing with. Hospital administration doesn't give a fuck about anything but $. They just pretend to and get mad when you bring up concerns...like understaffing which in turns effects patient care.


thats cool, what type of plant it it?


Nuclear Power Plant


I think Solar Power Plants are really pretty but they do need the right conditions to grow successfully.


The exploding kind?


Oh it was a bonsai. Dead now though


Isn't the spirit of bonsai in the recreation of life in miniature? And you cannot have life without death. Make it a rad death bonsai.




I've been experiencing a pandemic, how about you?


Oh nothing much, just contemplating the futility of existence, that sort of thing


That sounds cool- I did that last year, seemed to work out okay I guess


I think you've been experiencing Lockdown demoralization


Unless they’re sitting tied to a chair and you’re shining a harsh light in their face.


“Who’s askin’? You work fer the cops? Huh? You some kinda informant? Take off your jacket. Lift your shirt! Get outta here with that stuff? I been up to your mom that’s what and who!” And that why I can’t work at the daycare any more.


Just make up crazy shit. "Well, I took part in a state sanctioned assassination last week....and I started watching that new show on HBO."


Given the direction the US has been going in, is that really all that crazy?


Yea you don't want to joke about yourself being the subject of assassinations or gun shootings during this time in the US...


oh man there was a funny tweet about this, i saw it on reddit a few days ago i'm going to try and find it for you


Level 50. How 'bout you?


My kid, who I'm with all day every day,asks me this multiple times every day. He's 5 so I know he's just learning to make small talk and banter, so I go along with it but sometimes I want to scream, "I pee with the door open, you literally know the last time I cracked a FART!"


I will always use a line like “even though I’m vaccinated I was exposed to someone who tested positive so to be extra safe etc etc” and then if you randomly are ready to go back out and socialize you just pull out that you did a rapid test. You can also say that you haven’t been feeling well and don’t think it’s Covid but want to be extra safe


This is way too deep a level of deception for me. Also, where I live, a proper exposure to someone who is positive means 14 days of isolation, whether you test negative or not. I’m not going through that level of cover-up just because I’m not feeling up to a hangout.


Lol I’m just giving some options! Felt like an introvert could be useful in this; we have too much experience avoiding


You sound exhausting to be friends with.


Yeah but then they hit you with "With what?"


If someone wants to push that hard, I just say “self-care.” It’s a lot more acceptable than it used to be to say I want to care for my mental health instead of being busy 24-7.


My go-to for a long time was, "Sorry, I still haven't even finished *Frasier*."


so you haven't found out how the eggs got scrambled in the first place?


It's 11 seasons in fairness I started that show during university and still had episodes left after graduating.


I used covid as an opportunity to practice asserting boundaries. Now I’m perfectly at ease saying “I don’t want to”


Ahaha, I also did this. It’s so much easier to tell somebody “no thank you” than the amount of effort it took to try and justify it pre-COVID. Also helps identify emotional vampires too.


You have ascended. Gj


I skipped a family birthday party because "I don't want to get covid" then 5 people at the party got covid. 🤷


I wanted to skip family Christmas because of COVID but I went out of obligation. Then I got COVID.


Well now I'm vaccinated but I guess if I get invited to something I can be like "Well yeah I'm vaccinated but it was only the J+J shot. Just to be careful I better wait until next year when I can get one of the other ones."


I can just tell the redneck half of my family that I have Pfizer but I don't really want to stress-test it in a roomful of anti-vaxxers.


"Do it"


“I shouldn’t...”


We’re skipping my moms yearly company picnic. My husband and I are vaccinated, but our children can’t be yet, and I’ll eat my hat if a third of her co workers got vaccinated, so there is a very real chance this would be a super spreader event. Not gonna chance it.


Same here. Went to family Christmas last year because I was pressured by everyone to go "hey it's not that bad!" "Don't let covid run your life!" I spent new years getting antibody treatments in the hospital as I am in dialysis and a diabetic. 👌👌


I was gonna clean my room, but then I got COVID


Good news?!?! (Relative to the topic?) This isn't over yet guys.


Just tell them "I'm sorry, but I have a really heavy masturbation session to select, curated porn" You might never get asked to come back again.


"Sorry guys, I got ten pounds of baby batter brewing. If I don't get rid of it soon, I'm going to tear it off at the roots." Make sure to glare at them with "hungry eyes" and give off that "unsettled" body movement. Like a tiger, pacing in a cage.


Only if I can do some finger snapping around hip level while i do the pacing. And for a good touch some crazy eyes while still smiling then hit em' with some jazz hands.


As long as you finish up this slow hip thrust and low groan.


and the groan sounds like Margaret McPoyle


*licks lips*


YOU WILL CALL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[hungry eyes like this?](https://imgur.com/a/jLmZusM)


Awe man, Now that songs playing in my head.


That sounds like a great way to ENCOURAGE drunk driving


Covid sounds so much better than crippling depression.


I just say it, if you are my friends its not news anymore ahahhaha i need a life ahhahaha


Are you okay friend?


Very fine actually! On meds for 3 years dont worry was only a joke ❤️


At least you have friends to say this to


Have you heard of trauma bonding? Poverty bonding HAHAHHA


Might be a good idea to talk to your friends about that


If anything, this last year has taught me that life is too short and a lot of people are assholes. No more lies. “Nah, I don’t really want to go.”


I respect friends who do this.


100%. I feel like most people appreciate the honesty even if the answer isn’t what they wanted. Most of my friends just say in response “okay sounds good” or “yeah another time”. no bad responses ever


I did this for a few weddings recently. Could have used Covid, but I just said I don't want to spend the money. It'd be one thing if they were close by, but I would have had to fly cross-country and get a hotel.


Had to tell my best friend this. He had a destination wedding planned at a resort island and it would have cost $6-8k for the plane and hotel. I was like I don’t even have a big boy job yet (this was right after college) no way am I spending that kind of money.


Ye, I just tell me friends *"Naw, that doesn't sound fun. But y'all have a good time!"* then I'm out. Short, simple, to the point. All of those lies and deceits would be too much trouble for me, I'm just straight up.


I want to do this when I don’t feel like hanging out, but I worry after a while people will just stop inviting me to things.


Yes, they will... because beings a friend means more than meeting once and being left on read for the rest of forever. You really don’t miss seeing your friends and family, like... at all? Like, I get that it might not be something you’re super interested in, but like... if my aunt I hadn’t seen in two years wants to go to a monster truck rally (something I have zero interest in), or if a friend I haven’t seen since high-school wants to get coffee with me (something I would never initiate myself), why say no? Does everyone just... want to sit inside and play video games and watch Netflix?


My friends that I had done this to me… I wasn’t blowing them off though I just have a shit work schedule and usually can’t trade my days and they planned everything last minute usually so I had to politely decline so much that even if I had time now they don’t invite me…. Is what it is I guess


You misunderstood. I see my friends and family frequently and enjoy spending time with them. But sometimes I don't feel up to it, or something doesn't sound fun to me, but I say yes and do it anyway because I don't like saying no…and I enjoy spending time with them. I think we are saying the same thing here.


Ay, streaming media and playing video games fill this dark void and numb my brain better than being in a social setting Yikes :(


When I realized declining invitations was as easy as saying "nah I'm good, thanks though" my life got a whole lot simpler


Hell yeah


Everyone is in a big rush to get things started again. I'm going to have to learn to say, "This wasn't the thing I felt like I missed out on," politely his summer.


Bus Jackson!


I can’t believe that’s the real Bus Jackson!


Easily the greatest thing about this last year was being able to cancel appointments last minute with a vague, I'm not feeling well and the people on the other end going "STAY YOUR SICK ASS AT HOME".


Lol sneezing in public has been so different last year


I remember when covid first started, I was in a grocery store and the air they blow in there made me have to cough, but I fought with all my might not to, because I didn’t want to get arrested, or whatever panicked thought I had.


Having to go to the pharmacy to collect something in April at the same time as a coughing fit came on was the hardest I ever had to fight myself. I survived, just


Haha i know what you mean…i’d rather fart in public before i sneeze during these times


My dad knows this all too well, early on in the pandemic he was buying groceries (he's one of those people who eats a grape from the container before buying to see which container he wants) and he choked on the grape he was eating, and the resulting coughing fit terrified the whole store.


> who eats a grape from the container before buying to see which container he wants Is that... allowed? but dang I can only imagine the amount of stares he received lol


I have a life-long sneeze reflex that makes me sneeze probably 10+ times a day. I've gotten a lot of terrified looks in public this year.


I'm sorry to hear that...I bet you probably got the "terrified looks" from people that didn't even follow mask protocols carefully too


Then there's me who *hates* when people cancel last minute. Like great, I made sure to plan time in my schedule and got excited for the event and to see you, when you either weren't already planning on going, or just "didn't feel like it" or something?


We can all learn from this.. illness is a great excuse, come up with a fake chronic illness.. perhaps name it after an old ballplayer. "Eh, the old Bart Starr disease is flaring up." This also feels like an ulpt


“I’d love to come to your party but my Mookie Betts has been really bad lately.”


I’ve been using this to get out of most of my family gatherings in the midst of COVID. Oh hey they all got COVID and dad was in hospital for a while. My lot were the only ones not to get COVID. I might still continue to use it as an excuse, say I haven’t had my shots. I’m at higher risk of blood clots, so I could just say I haven’t been able to have it yet…


Does that mean you *have* been able to have it?


Yeah my “introvert with depression” personality thought covid was a dream come true. Back to slapping on the fake smile!


Ah, yes Gus at his finest.


Always nice to see Gus out in the wild here.


you guys have plans????


“You coming to the party tonight?” “Can’t, gonna rob a place with my brother later.” “Make sure the house has the kitchen light off.” “You’re right, can’t rob places with that light on.”


Is that a Gus Johnson reference?


Yep, one of his recent vids


OP is a Gus Johnson tweet


"Have to let out the dog" is my go-to




That’s the thing. Everyone in their circle is well aware they’re deathly allergic of dogs. And he / she still says it.


wow it’s famous sports announcer Gus Johnson!


This is an exercise in creativity.


I think I need a support group for this, you know a group to come up with novel petty lies...


My grandma’s died like 20 times already, I can’t keep killing her


That there’s quittin’ talk. Can’t expect to earn your necromancy degree without a good deal of practice.


Have a kid. Boom. Plans cancelled for 18 years.


Bro that's not a bummer please I'm from Brazil gimme your vaccine if you don't want it I'm begging you


I have chosen to let society resume without me. Lets be honest it's probably better off for everyone this way. Edit: It's a joke, stop reporting me


Don't worry, if you keep canceling enough plans, people will just stop inviting you.


Yeah I'm just gonna keep saying that I'm quarantining. If pressed, I will say I am not quarantining because of COVID-19. It pressed further I will explicitly say that I am quarantining from them. If they still haven't taken the hint, I will explain that I am quarantining from them because I have concluded that they are a toxic influence on my life.


Just tell them you haven’t gotten your 3rd dose yet


At least now *everyone* will be really socially awkward and oversharey. We'll blend in.


Texans were so much easier to look at when they all wore masks.


My go-to is usually in the form of a question: "Is your house within a hundred yards of any schools by chance?" I don't usually get a second invite.


*cries in extrovert friends never taking covid seriously* It's fine reddit, brag away at how wonderful it's been for you


Yeah I hear you. I’m very uncomfortable having to tell people can’t do X because of covid. People think you are overreacting and it’s this weird tension.


Thats an excellent litmus test for finding out which of your friends arent worth being friends with.


If you live in a Red State the COVID excuse still works. You can also tell people you've developed agoraphobia.


I legit thought I was going to develop that. I have a lot of social anxiety when going out but I am pushing through it. I have always had it, but last year really made it worse


Same. I was trying to buy pork bones from my meat market and could barely complete my sentences (I’m not sure I did complete all of them). I thought “Has it always been this bad?”


office meetings were much fun.


should definitely tell various companies to stop using this excuse as a reason for them being useless.


I haven't had to go to church for 16 glorious months, I don't ever want this to end. I'm anti-theist and my wife is a kinda believer, we go on holidays which are worse then just going on regular days.


It sounds like that’s something you should talk to your wife about if you dislike going so much.


We have talked, she knows, I make an effort to go for her. No need for the psycho babble BS.


Why lie? I tell people, "I don't feel like reacting to people right now. Maybe later." Everyone who matters understands.


Kids help and hurt this. Want to cancel? Sorry, my kid is sick. Want to go? Sorry, your kid is actually sick.


Since the British people have decided a month earlier than the government that pandemic is over because they can enter pubs again I've already had to bust out the "I've been covering shifts since lockdown ended as they cut our staff and budget in half and customers are even more needy than before" because its true.


It's just shitty. I will miss coviding.


My favorite one is "I have to put a new fish in my tank." lmao the fuck


I just tell them I enjoy my own company. I'm beyond lying at this point. I don't want to is my go to.anymore. I just don't care.


no one asks me to go out so I have no plans to cancel, checkmate


Or you can just be honest and say: no, but thank you for offering.


Me too. Me too.


Really bummed I can longer blame COVID for the fact that my socially awkward ass has no social life.😆


I’m aging a bit, and I can’t remember all the petty lies. Help me please.


\*sad introvert noises*


Why do so many people think it’s quirky and funny to make plans and then complain about showing up or make up an excuse to not go? Why tf would you say you wanted to go, then get mad when the date comes up?


Basically, I’m a socially anxious, oft depressed ball of contradictions. Things will sound like fun when the plans are made. But then as the date gets closer, it’ll start sounding like a lot more mental work than I originally thought. Or it was a rough week at work and I’m exhausted. Or I’m not feeling well because of a chronic illness I have that can be triggered, among other things, by the stress of worrying that something is going to trigger it on the day I have the plans, and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Or maybe what sounded like fun a week ago no longer sounds like fun when the day comes. That said, I actually very rarely cancel plans once I’ve committed to them. But I will absolutely bitch and whine to myself about having to follow through. Usually, though, once I’m actually there I have fun.


If you can’t handle having friends, then don’t have friends. It’s pretty simple.


Honestly super cringe. Maybe consider just telling your friends the truth instead of just being lazy and dishonest all the time


Or you can stop being a terrible person and tell the truth. Trying to get sympathy for being anti social or whatever is pathetic.


The one thing Covid has done for me is allowed me to refuse hugs. I am going to take this with me from now on. I when someone reaches for a hug I just say "I'm not hugging anymore due to covid."


Sad you lot


stop being so anti social, jeez


Just be happy, just stop being poor, just fundamentally change your personality type beat


You’re a fucking loser lmfao


Take a joke much?




ITT: shitty friends


When your realize that when covid ends u can’t use it as an excuse anymore


It already is over


We all know he doesnt get invited anywhere