I hear it's the NAACP's job to call out random citizens for using the n-word...

I hear it's the NAACP's job to call out random citizens for using the n-word...


"BLM Inc" lmao


To be fair, there is a BLM Global Network Foundation, Inc. which claims to lead the movement. https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/


Which is not related to the actual movement which is grassroots based off a hashtag.


Which is why Charles Kirkland specified BLM Inc.


Because he's an idiot trying to tie the two together. It's no different than the new black panther party and the black panther party or calling Antifa a thing and claiming it has a leader. Most people I'll give credit that they're evil and purposefully ignoring the difference between the two so they can attribute lies to the movement but Charlie Kirk is so fucking dumb I believe he doesn't know the difference.


That's not really accurate. The Foundation was co-founded by Patrisse Cullors, who was (according to Wikipedia, at least - I haven't looked into it deeply) the activist who first used the #blacklivesmatter hashtag in 2013. They co-ordinate activism in multiple countries through local chapters. They aren't the entire movement (anyone who shows up to a protest or event with a homemade BLM sign can be considered "part of the movement"), but they do seem like a major player.


You're confusing a hashtag/slogan for a movement with someone capitalizing on it, regardless of if they created it in the first place. Billions of people have sported BLM avatars, filters, hashtags, pictures, or more on their accounts or in the streets protesting and they have absolutely nothing to do with the organization that sprung out of the name. I can call myself Antifa all I want but an Antifa.com doesn't have anything to do with me, it's not an organization. It's a philosophy. Same thing with BLM. They are not important to the movement at all, zilch. They don't need to coordinate shit, it's all been on social media around the globe in response to more police murders. People were protesting globally last year right after Floyd was murdered, they didn't need a BLM inc. to organize it because it's not an organization, it's a movement.


I hear you, and I also get frustrated when people claim that decentralized movements/philosophies like Antifascist Action can be represented or controlled by a single organisation. However, I don't think it's fair to say that Cullors' foundation (or Cullors herself) has nothing at all to do with BLM as a movement, just as it would be unfair to say that a local mutual defense group working to keep fascists out of their community is completely unrelated to Antifa as a philosophy for direct action. It seems to me that Cullors, along with fellow activists Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi, were to a large degree responsible for getting the movement off the ground in its early days, helped it coalesce around the slogan of BLM, and have helped it spread across the globe. They deserve credit for that, even if they weren't literally the only people involved. Local activist organizations such as those chartered by BLM Global Network Foundation are important for coordinating effective direct action, and shouldn't be dismissed out of hand just because there are many other players involved.


Who said they don't deserve any credit? The movement simply outgrew them, it has no headquarters or leaders, it's not an organization.


You described them as "not related to the actual movement, which is based on a hashtag", disregarding that their leadership are the ones who created the hashtag in the first place, and that they have been continually active in the movement since its inception. I don't know how you could possibly give them less credit. BLM isn't an organization, but there *are* organizations like the International Network Foundation that are involved in the movement. It wouldn't be much of a movement at all if there weren't such groups of people organizing to accomplish goals. Isolated individuals acting with complete independence is a very bad foundation for a societal movement.


Do I really need to put the "anymore" in that for you? >not related to the actual movement *anymore*, which is based on a hashtag Is that better? It doesn't change the meaning at all because at this point, the present, which is where I'm speaking at, they are not related to the actual movement anymore than me waving a flag down on the street corner is. They are single people in the movement at this point.


How does being a single actor in the movement make you not related to the movement? By that logic, is *anyone* related to the movement? What is the point of framing things this way?


Who's the CEO of the company? What do they produce to make money? Do you need to have a degree to work on there? What's the minimum wage there?


There’s too much going on in America for me to give a flying fuck what Hunter Biden allegedly said


But remember when hunter gunned down a minority pretrial for an alleged crime?


Remember when Hunter took out a full page ad spread in the Times calling for the execution of five minority teens who hadn't committed the crime?


Remember when Hunter flew to Mongolia with a diplomatic visa to shoot an endangered species of sheep with taxpayer money?


Remember when Hunter shook hands with hitler and whispered in his ear « I’m topping today » and hitler blushed? Pepperidge farm remembers.


Oh man. I definitely remembered when Hunter said that his family gets a disproportionate amount of their investment from Russian sources.


The right seem to think that because the previous a president was all about the nepotism everyone else will be too. Maybe, the previous president's family members were criticized because they were given positions in political office.......


Also, I'd love to know what Charles thinks CRT actually is.


Charlie’s Really Tired (of having a small face?)


take my upvote


*chef’s kiss*.


Cathode ray tube


For like when you pee lasers?


>The right seem to think that because the previous a president was all about the nepotism everyone else will be too. Gaslight Obstruct **Project**


He acts like the left worships Biden, but we don’t.


(in fact we kinda don’t like him that much at all)


this so much. but hes not cheeto man so ehhh fuck.


It’s shocking how many people on the right assume that because *they* put 45 on a pedestal, the left would do the same for a democrat leader


It’s like that meme where it’s like “I don’t see any Biden supporters saying nice things about Biden, they only hate Trump!” Yeah… because we don’t worship politicians.


Idk, twitter has some hard neolib nutbars who are in love with Hillary and Biden. Neoliberals are right wing though. There are no left wing politicians in this country aside from Bernie, and he's very moderate as far as that goes


> There are no left wing politicians in this country aside from Bernie, and he's very moderate as far as that goes What a very silly thing to say.


>I disagree but I won't explain why Ok great


I mean i can give a few examples like Ilhan Omar, AOC (debatable) and some other house members. I think bernie might be a lot more left wing than he shows.


Okay maybe Omar and Tlaib, but I haven't been keeping up with them much so I'm not sure. AOC is all performative. As far as Bernie, he's not even anti-capitalist, so that kinda makes him moderate left in and of itself


The one thing I’ll really say about Biden is that I thought he was going to be worse than he has been


Tbh I expected him to be a little better. But it’s still early in the term. He’s doing okay so far. I didn’t have the bar very high for him either tho.


While he’s done a lot of stuff that I do like, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna blindly worship him. In fact, I’ve been really up and down about him since he took office.


Agreed. I haven’t been down, because I’m considering the alternative. But that don’t give Joe a free pass.


As we shouldn't. He is responsible for the nation now, and he answers to Americans. Based on his actions so far, he knows it. However we also must remember where the limits of his power and responsibility lie, as per constitutional law.


Well, to them, anyone to the left of Mussolini falls under the label "liberal"


Do you hold them to the same account tho?


Maybe cuz he holds no office and isn’t the president 🤭


Because nobody gives a shit. He doesn't matter, because he's not president.


"ATTENTION PRIVATE CITIZEN! We have detected four (4) racial slurs, uttered at this location, between the hours of 0413 and 0418 yesterday, Saturday, June 5th! Do not resist, and you will not be harmed!" \--BLM


No you’re doing it wrong. Evil antifaBLMgays would say “Do not resist, surrender and be destroyed”


And now I'm thinking of the curse fine machine from Demolition Man.




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good bot


Let’s ask the CEO of BLM Inc for a statement then lol


Also to find out how they're doing on the NYSE. I should call my broker to see how they stack up against Woke Industries and Liberal Enterprises.


We already know Hunter is a mess.


Did Hunter suddenly become important or something?


Yeah his laptop had the documents that made him president. The sad part is the only copy of this digital document got lost in the mail on the the way to Tucker Carlson's show.


ohhh so this is why they tell you to back shit up and make copys. i just thought that was "Big Computer" trying to get there cut.


I saw something about the texts earlier and couldn't tell for certain, is this the same laptop from that one thing a year or two ago that was supposedly forgotten at some random computer repair shop or is this supposedly a separate, independently misplaced laptop?


Nope the same laptop that Hunter, who lives in Cali, gave to a repair shop dude in Delaware, filled with incriminating evidence, then just left it.


Ok, that's what it sounded like. So if you were to assume this was real, how did it take this long to find the messages? Even if there were 500,000+ messages, you could probably parse and scan all of them for this shit in like a day or two with just an average computer and this information was supposedly in the hands of (at least) one national news network with a massive hate boner for anyone within six degrees of separation of Biden. Shits crazy.


Because nobody gives the slightest fuck what Hunter Biden has to say.


From what I've read, I'm doubtful this story is even true. As soon as I saw the word "laptop" in the article, I had some questions about the legitimacy.


The conversations didn’t seem to even make sense. If Hunter did send those, fuck that guy. But at the same time, he’s not in any official office, nor should he be. So it’s inconsequential. If it was proved he sent them and his private sector employers released him, 🤷‍♂️, there’s consequences for what we say and do.


also only Fox News and the New York Post reported this, very accurate new sources. Please fuck Hunter anyways


From what I've gathered it's from the daily caller and it's more of the laptop nonsense and has absolutely no credible evidence behind it. Even if it did turn out to be real who the fuck cares? "Old junkie says stupid thing" isn't exactly the damning headline they think it is.


Lol he is confusing blm and naacp with skai Jackson’s twitter


Honestly bringing it up because I live in a place with low black diversity and literally don't have any black friends to ask. It still seems inappropriate to be using that word, but it doesn't look like he was using it in an intentionally demeaning way. I mean I can see how he was trying to be playful with it. Also, who tf talks to their lawyer (or anyone really) like this. Lol


I'm sorry but is there someone out there who thinks Hunter Biden isn't a pile of privileged shit? I mean his parents probably but other then that? Is the Democratic party buying his book to make it a best seller and giving it away at his dad's unending rallies?


They actually think Biden and his family have the same influence over the american left that Trump has over the american right


This is an appeal to liberal idpol, which conservatives LOVE to do. Do you actually think Charlie Kirk or any other conservatives think that using the n word is bad?? Hell no, it's their favorite word! More examples of conservatives appealing to liberal idpol are when theyll say that Trump got more black and hispanic votes than expected, or that Candice Owens is black therefore she cant be racist.


AFAIK, Hunter is neither an elected official or running for office.


Bro who even listens to what Hunter says?


TP USA, r/conservative and the GOP are strangely unsupportive of Hunter Biden's casual use of the n-word. I wonder why that is.


Let me guess, Charlie was the playground tattletale.


Same reason the right ignored trump's racist shit...political convenience....


yes, racism is so prevalent in the US society that elections become a decision on who's less racist. christ


Hunter was a crackhead burnout until recently. If he did say any of those things it would have most likely been while he was cracked out. That doesn’t necessarily excuse anything he said but it would explain why he might have said something like that. You aren’t you when you’re on drugs.


Just tell all the conservatives that CRT is actually an electrical engineering class about cathode Ray tube televisions and they’ll shut up


Maybe because no one gives a shit about Hunter Biden and didn’t know this was a thing.


I don't even like his dad all that much and I wouldn't be surprised to learn if he taught hunter the word in the first place. Why do these fuckers fixate on the dumbest shit and have zero actual policy other than the opposite of whatever the center right wants.




Tbf it is a bit of a red flag. But these people seem to think it means something more than that....


Here’s the millionth reason it should have been Bernie. Hunter Biden was just gift wrapped for selective outrage by these idiots.


I somehow doubt they wouldn’t have just made shit up to be mad about if it was Bernie.


Biden seems to be doing just fine ignoring it.


Blm is a corporation at the end of the day. Their leaders keep getting caught using donation money to buy houses