…but weren’t they rebelling against authority???

…but weren’t they rebelling against authority???


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> Had jobs... Were financially independent So we're just going to ignore the fact that all of them were born into wealthy families, most of whom owned land and slaves, with the exception of Hamilton, who was an orphan... but was adopted by a wealthy merchant. It takes five minutes (5!) of Googling to find this information.


Exactly! How do you miss that part in U.S. history class? These guys could spend all their time founding a new nation because they literally had whole estates supporting them.


If you’re going to make a meme like this, paying attention in history class wasn’t really your thing


Also, most generations were not taught that part in History class. That’s a really recent thing.


Yeah history would've been my favorite class if they ever actually covered the important and controversial aspects. Instead you have to find all that on your own time.


I was told our founding fathers were all perfect heroes who never did anything wrong and created a perfect form of government that never needs any changes and should be taken at face value for all time, unless that interpretation goes against modern "American" values.


I was in that class too. Here’s what I remember: Presidents either “couldn’t tell a lie” or their first name was “Honest” as in Honest Abe. It was only men who were involved in all of early American history (except some guy’s wife who they talked into sewing a flag - because who would sew other than some girl?). They were all very old with white hair and either went to or founded all of the country’s most prestigious colleges. No girls were allowed at the colleges until they got all upity and some chick named Susan B Anthony got all pissed off and made them or something. No people of color went to school either since they were all slaves. All the Hispanic people were in Mexico happily giving some Conquistador guy all their gold because they didn’t like gold and it had no value to them just like how we bought all of the east coast for some beads and shells. Oh and Conquistador is a totally heroic name, and has nothing to do with conquering/slaughtering a group of people. The “indians” all lived in the Wild West. There were no indians in the 13 original colonies because after the first Thanksgiving they all moved peacefully to areas in the Wild West that the white guys didn’t want. If the white guys decided later that there was oil or something they wanted on the land, the “Indians” peacefully moved along or were justifiably “taken care of”. There was this one “trail of tears” thing, but it was really no big deal. They were all happy in the end. And there was this one dude named Custer who was brutally attacked and massacred by a bunch of really bad “savage indians”. His story is super sad and we should build huge monument to the guy cause it’s totally sad. There were a few “peace treaties” signed between the white guys and the “Indians” but they made the white guys smoke tobacco and the white guys usually had to break the treaties before the “godless heathens” did it first. You know you can’t trust women or people with dark skin. There were no important people of the time other than old white guys. They invented everything (except peanut butter) and started all the important businesses, they also made all the important scientific discoveries (except some dumb lady who discovered x-rays or something and she totally died because of it).


This is amazing and depressingly accurate. Well penned, sir.


I’m one of those chicks who the Founding Fathers wouldn’t have let vote, own land, or go to college, but I’m glad you like my writing. I’m totally not upset and I understand that we often use words without meaning to imply anything about gender. I just thought it was funny. Especially considering the meme and its comment about political correctness. Edit: removed apostrophe.


My apologies ma'am! I like your tone.


You are fantastic!


Hell, I know more about British history than I do my own American history


The only things I learned about Hamilton in school 1) First Treasury Secretary 2) on the $10 bill 3) Killed by Aaron Burr in a duel. The only thing I learned about Aaron Burr in school is he killed Hamilton. (this was circa 1987)


I didn't learn that Aaron Burr was sitting Vice President of the US when he murdered Hamilton until the musical. You'd think that part would have come up at some point. Everybody knew about Dick Cheney shooting his friend in the face when he was VP.


In fairness, paying attention in *any* class doesn't seem to have been these people's thing.


Ugh seriously though, these are the same people that keep saying "bUt LiNcOlN wAs A rEpUbLiCaN", forgetting that parties were different back then.


Honestly we just learned the names and not anything else about them


It was literally a pro-slavery argument at the time that slavery had to exist, because without it no one would have time to think about loftier things in civilization like democracy and philosophy.


Wasn’t a main premise behind the American Revolution that rich colonists didn’t want to pay taxes?


All I remember being taught in school was they didn't want to pay taxes because they had no say in what happened inside the colonies while they were owned by Britain. As the saying goes, "No taxation without reprepsentation." Of course, that's not to say there weren't people using it to get out of it altogether, as I'm sure there were, but that's the main thing I recall. Unless it was 'retconned' even more recently than 3 years ago (when I graduated high school)


Yes, but that leaves out that the taxes were put in place in no small part to pay for the costly Seven Years War. The American theatre (French and Indian) victories protected the rich colonists’ land and commercial interests. Quite typically, rich folks were happy to gain significant real estate and trade opportunities from the hard fought victories, but then balked at the check.


I mean, the experience of being treated as another country in terms of representation and reparations after your mother country defended you. That kind of collective experience could breed local resentment, even across the poor.


And compared to British subjects living in the British Isles, they weren't being asked to pay that much. John Hancock, the richest person in Massachusetts, was smuggling in/out goods to avoid taxation which set off a chain of events in Boston that lead to occupation by the British army and eventually the war.


That was one aspect. Another very real aspect was the various aristocrats and merchants wanting to get out of the Colonial trade system so they could pursue their own trade deals without English involvement in their economic affairs. * They wanted to pay less taxes * Wanted more control over their territory government (understandable TBH) * Wanted to make more money on foreign trade


Pretty much. For a few hundred years, the colonists were left to their own devices. They formed their own governments and by the time of the Revolution, were several generations removed from living in Britain. Then one day, taxes were put on them to pay for the French and Indian War by a country and King they didn't really know. They identified as Americans, not British. So it wasn't so much the taxes themselves but whom was levying them.


For real, their first example was literally a Marquis!


My cousin is named Marky too!


Is he in a funky bunch?


just because he comes from one of the oldest noble houses in France it doesn’t mean he couldn’t be financially independent. I’m sure his inherited lands and titles did nothing for his massive wealth and it all came from him working hard and pulling himself up by his bootstraps


For my fellow yankee's , a Marquis is a French noble hereditary title that I believe is passed down a family line(?). I think it was the UK or Ireland where the rank was above an Earl but not as high as a Duke, so it is up there. To say that he was born lucky is an understatement. (correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, I'm not a European Historian)


Iirc, Marquis and their counerparts in German kingdoms were basically marcher lords, no, the realms that bordered other kingdoms, and so would be expected to defend and expand there (I may also be wrong, just vague memories about Austria being a stubby little march before expanding east). Earls in England where the biggest nobs, weren't they, the ones who oversaw large swathes of the country and were dominant politically? Wasn't that how Godwinsson got the throne, through being an Earl and the support of a related Earl?


> Earls in England where the biggest nobs, weren't they, the ones who oversaw large swathes of the country and were dominant politically? Dukes were the biggest nobs, if we're talking place in the hierarchy. Duke is the step right below the monarchy. In the UK, a marquess is just below a duke, while in France there is a prince rank between duc and marquis. Sometimes marquis could be a "courtesy title" passed through a family that no longer holds a marquisate, but that wasn't the case for Lafayette. Dude really was a high-ranking, extremely rich aristocrat.


Lafayette was filthy rich. When the French told him he couldn't go to America to fight in the war, he just went and bought his own boat to sail here. That being said, the guy was a certifiable badass. Everything in this country named Lafayette or Fayetteville was named after him.


He also married Eliza who was very rich and high status




Uncompensated labor makes virtually any business/land owner look like a financial genius.


The elites of the revolutionary generation were actually ridiculously heavily in debt. That's one of the major reasons they were so opposed to the abolition of slavery, particularly in the south (obviously alongside the racial ideologies of the time). Most of that debt was tied up either in land speculation in the west or human trafficking. Free the slaves and it means financial ruin because of the accrued slave debt and then you also don't have the labor required to work your land. Ron Chernow's biography of George Washington actually has a really fascinating discussion of this.


Hamilton himself was somewhat against slavery and didn’t own any slaves, but he did require marrying into a rich family to actually do stuff for the country, because if you aren’t rich, you get zero opportunity. His whole relationship with slavery as a whole was kind of confusing off the top of my head haha.


Yes we watched the musical too




And Peggy.


The Schuyler sisters!




Marquis de laffeyette is a high ass bar to be completely honest. Dude was an abolitionist during the revolutionary war. And we fought in a lot of revolutions...


I'm curious how many people that come from Europe would state themselves to be abolitionists? Probably a lot right?


The real bad ass European was Kosciuscko. He owned some property in north America that he made Thomas Jefferson executor of when he went back to Poland to fight. He didi this on the understanding that Jefferson would sell his holdings, purchase slaves and then free them. Jefferson just kept the money for himself.


Hamilton was so triggered by being accused of white-collar embezzlement that he wrote a 100-plus page pamphlet with the thesis "all I did was fuck this woman outside of marriage and then got extorted for it, I never used public money"


The Reynolds Pamphlet was THAT LONG???? I always figured it was like 4 pages or so. He must have thought about this hard and for a long time. No wonder his family was upset.


Yeah, it was 95 pages I believe. It wasn't all about his affair, though. Hamilton was always being accused of getting secretly rich off his financial system, and Congress would keep investigating and exonerating him. So the pamphlet was mostly about that. I tried to read it, but Hamilton wrote like an idiot with a thesaurus and I couldn't get past the 2nd page.


"Pamphlet" used to mean less about volume and more about purpose


Why does he write like he's running out of time?


Yes, and Lafayette is literally a Marquis, he's a freaking nobleman


Like, obligatory "no, Wikipedia is not a scholarly source", but... the fact that Lafayette was an aristocrat is *literally* in the first sentence of the Wikipedia article on him. The **first** sentence. Which means that even Googling his name and reading what is likely to be the very first sentence you see (without even clicking on anything!) would tell you that your very funny meme you're going to trigger all the libs with is absolute horseshit.


The part they don't say out loud is that they secretly fetishize authoritarian systems and believe in the idea of "born nobility."


Anecdotal, I know, but I know a few "libertarians" that have admitted to democracy being stupid, and that we should return to feudalism. They're all super deep into this nonsense too.


Because they don't realize they would be serfs just like the rest of us.


You really think REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS care about historical accuracy? All they care about is how they're right and you're wrong, and these young new whippersnappers are all lazy low lifes, and how Hispanic people are scary!




5 whole minutes? You expect a lot from these people.


Forgive me, I forgot we were talking about conservatives, I should lower my standards.


120 minutes actually


Lafayette was *literally fucking royalty*. Like, born into wealth, didn't need to work to live at all. Marquis is a title, not a name.


Lafayette still was a very ambitious and skilled person, but yea the problem is that other people weren’t given the same opportunity because they weren’t rich.


120 minutes ?


Nice, I got that factorial reference too


Also they literally did need safe spaces to discuss the rebellion...?


AND he was a Caribbean immigrant!


Our first Puerto Rican president!


He was white though, so it doesn't count for them.


He was a bloody lunatic. Others won the genetic lottery, he merely won the "Get rich or die repeatedly hurling yourself into the abyss" lottery.


> find this information. That's facts, they're Trump Voters and they don't cotton to facts.


FACTS?? FACTS?? FACTS are what’s killing this country. I bet you’re one of those crazy independent thinkers.


Yes because if we bring that up they'd have to acknowledge it's all a facade and remember that Musk, Gates, Bezos etc. all had enormous financial and social advantage not available to most people.


For real. Like, the first example of an independently wealthy patriot is a fucking Marquis?! JFC


>And I'll bet they didn't need "safe spaces" Did they post this in /r/conservative?


r/conservative is the ultimate safe space. All dissent is squashed. Funny when "Conservatives" post to other sub reddit and get down voted, then cry about the down votes, yet in their safe space, is ruled by the mods like an authoritarian state.


The free market is perfect until it disagrees with them.


I had so many Trump supporters parrot Trump's talk about the stock market to me over his term. They would brag about their 401k's and their investments. A few I work with I had to call out, one guy still lives with his parents after getting a divorce & is as broke as Tiger King. Another one Hank, I told him to get fucked because he lived at the Goodwill shelter in Birmingham or slept on the floor in break room at work. Like that guy a 401k or investment portfolio.


I'm banned for life just for asking "why?" to a post lol.


The worst question of all!


How dare you ask why! You are just supposed to be lock step behind anything they say cuz why would they lie like that damn MSM?!!?! /s


I am currently riding a 28 day ban from r/conservative for posting, “I don’t mean to be rude, but can you explain what we need Trump to do now more than we have ever needed him to do it?” in response to someone saying “We need Trump now more than ever!” I’m not saying they’re the snowflakes, but…


Not even permabanned? Its a badge of honor


Oh, I was banned from ever posting there again, but I’ve also been banned for 28 days from messaging the mods to ask why I was banned, you know, to save their feelings. If they think I’m going to forget and not ask why I was banned in 16 days, they’re sorely mistaken.


You have to love the muting. I got that on one of the pro-Trump forums after Memorial Day weekend. Someone said Pres. Biden probably just had ice cream and I pointed out he'd visited his son's grave and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. That earned me a ban *and* a 30-day mute, as you point out, so you can't even contest your ban. They not only hate free speech, but due process as well.


Eh, I’m still going to ask why I was banned when this mute is up, just to see how long I’m muted for next. Every subsequent muting will just further my anecdotal evidence of how big of pansies they are, which I am happy to share any time it even remotely comes up.




Of course they hate due process. They've wanted Hillary Clinton just thrown in prison. They don't care for what. Same for deporting people.


I was perma banned for trying to explain that Twitter isn’t the internet, and that a much accurate analogy would be that the roads are the internet and Twitter is a McDonald’s. The McDonald’s(Twitter) can ban you but you’re still free to use the roads(internet.)


If conservatives had had it their way we'd still be a colony.


Probably. Anybody who is even remotely to the left isn't allowed in without some kind of confirmation badge.


America was a safe space from the British.




Hey, they had to work really hard to be born into those wealthy families.


"I *earned* my trust fund by always being nice to Grandfather!"


"Even though he smell like lotion and doo doo."


Good God Lemon!


Gotta buy those genetic lottery tickets while the baby soul is in heaven.


It's not too bad. Considering their judgements on everything else is based on a book a tad bit older, only going back a few hundred years is a mercy.


Also ignoring what protest did to create the nation they love so much.


Ohhh they love protest, when it’s for white people / white evangelical Christian people! And of course their riots are only “protests”, where OUR protests are ALWAYS “riots” to them... in a word BASED!


Because the authoritarian Paradise is always in the past.


By their logic, me having $20 in my pocket puts me above all of the founding fathers.


Just about all of these people depicted here were born into wealth.


Wow, almost like being born into wealth gives you an advantage in life and allows you to focus your energies on more than just subsisting. It’s almost like this is unfair and everyone should have those opportunities.


At this point I’d settle just to have some healthcare that actually works and some more time to spend with families and on hobbies. This system is so fucking broken we would need most of the country to work together to fix it. Too bad most of America is either too fat and out of shape, stupid, or overworked to do anything about it.


nd the only one that wasn't was *adopted* into wealth!


And then married into even more wealth in his adulthood.


What a hard worker


Well... The man is non stop.


I am determined to make this entire thread EVERY lyric of that song, dont push it any more im warning you lmfao


I like the part where conservatives romanticize young people who engage in property damage and revolution against lack of proportionate representation. Let's toss a bunch of tea in the ocean and then abolish the electoral college


it’s even stranger because northamerican conservatives/right wingers like john stossel or jordan peterson and those that follow their thinking will say that young people today shouldn’t get involved in politics due to their lack of real world experience. jordan peterson even once semi-denounced the youth that participated in the american civil rights movements of the 1960’s as something along the lines of “ignorant youngsters holding signs on placards” and went on to say something to the effect of that that’s not the appropriate or correct way to bring about change.


I mean the British were bad and all but do we really think that violence was the best solution? Maybe the founding fathers should've tried just asking the King more and more nicely


I don't think the right ever got over safe spaces. It's fun watching them lose their shit over what is essentially a quiet classroom


At this point I don't even know what a safe space is supposed to be


A place that one can speak candidly without fear of retribution. My work has them; when I meet with my director, he assures me everything is said in confidence. I am "safe" to say what is on my mind, and it won't leave that room.


*Managers two months down the line after telling them how terribly they're bad at their job* we've decided not to promote you for your behavior towards management.


Manager: you’re safe in here. Worker: I’ve been sleeping with your wife for 2 years. Brian isn’t yours.


I dont get how this is a bad thing??? Is their home not a "safe space"? I can bet that if I went into a conservatives house and started talking about my beliefs, theyd be really fucking pissed. They cry about gay pride parades on PUBLIC streets... isnt that wanting a safe space? Conservative subs ban you immediately for saying smth they dont like... is that not a safe space??? In their lawyers office while being tried for a hate crime.. is that not a safe space?


A lot of woke terminology and ideas come directly from university courses and academia— people taking classes in psychology and therapy, for instance, are familiar with the idea of creating a “safe space” with patients, so that patients can communicate openly and honestly, **particularly** in group/family therapy settings. You can see why students running extracurricular clubs might want to introduce “safe space” areas to have their activities in, particularly if the club has large overlap with certain communities. “Triggers” and “trigger warnings” are extremely important to people suffering from PTSD. My dad can’t handle watching ‘realistic’ war scenes in movies or sudden loud explosions. Pretty useful tool if his hobby group or social club or whatever was planning a movie night. Unfortunately, culture war morons see these innocuous measures and take it to be signs of weakness and political correctness.


>Unfortunately, culture war morons see these innocuous measures and take it to be signs of weakness and political correctness. It's like it's literally painful for them to care about other people.


Something something, snowflake, offensive, participation trophies, weak men create hard times


weren’t they trying create a nation as a safe space


Wait but that’s different because...




Despite the fact that they brought the taxes even higher afterwards


The liberals and radicals of their time.


The conservatives of their time absolutely would have called all of these people the *radical left*


Yeah that’s literally what happened. The conservatives back then were loyalists to the crown and they opposed the patriots.


[Edmund Burke](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Burke) was basically doing this.


THANK YOU!! Everyone knows Alexander Hamilton worked at McDonald's FFS. He worked his way up and created the Ham McMuffin.


Till Ray Croc stole it!


And when Greta does protesting at the same age, it’s just “let adults talk politics, silly girl” instead though


Ugh, *kids today* and their not being self sufficient on an entry level job am I right? They’re such losers.


Kids today should really have made sure they were born to rich families with estates so they could be financially independent by the time they were adults.


Do conservatives just pick and choose what they hear in history class to form their narratives?


Yes, except it isn't just in history class that they do this.






Alexander Hamilton (married rich women) Lafayette (came from a wealthy family) I don’t know much about the rest but I doubt they were poor and in a terrible economy


The Marquis de Lafayette was literally a noble. “La Fayette” was a French medieval fief, and marquis is a rank of nobility. His given name was Gilbert du Motier. By the time he was born, the ruling authority of the nobility was mostly gone (as the monarchy had cemented absolute power under Louis XIV in the 17th century), but his family was still very wealthy and influential.


This just tells me that Pelosi, McConnell, Feinstein, and all the other ghouls have long overstayed their positions.


Boomers came into power in the early 80s and have mostly held onto it, 3 of the last 4 presidents were born within a 2 month span in 1946. They've definitely held on longer than normal and arguably for the worse.


These idiots hold up their revolutionary heroes as infallible gods, yet imagine that they wouldn’t have been crown loyalists at the time.


Not really, no, they were rebelling to make their own authority the highest in the region. Look at a list of the richest people and biggest landowners there at the time.


These idiots act like like 1776 was the same as 2021. Times fucking change. The United States was a brand-new country back then and guns weren't as advanced as they are now.


Also we were an agrarian society without mass production, motorized transportation, electronic communication (or electric anything for that matter), large corporations, standards of design, compulsory education, the population level of today, scientific discoveries in some areas, and the economy was much less sophisticated and not as global. Most Americans were self-employed in their family business and transactions rarely had anything to do with the world beyond their immediate surroundings.


All those men inherited their wealth or were independently wealthy for their whole lives.


This is misleading, as most of these men were not relevant in 1776, but afterwards. Not to mention this is very cherrypicked, as the majority of the founding fathers and 'important' men in that era were older. Monroe only became a delegate in 1783 when he was 25. Henry Lee III was only really relevant in the 1780s during the war. Nathan Hale actually died in 1776 as an executed spy. But he was not some major amazing political figure. He was a hero due to the information he gathered. Aaron Burr was just a soldier in 1776, and only became relevant in 1791 when he became a senator. Hamilton I will give them, he was noted however for his young age when he came a senior aide to Washington. That was not the norm. Marquis is another one. He was *very famous* for his young age, literally becoming an army officer at age 13. However, he only went to the USA to help the Americans in 1780, when he was 22. Now, even besides that... when young people *do try* to become politically active or relevant to society today, it is the exact people sharing this meme which shame them.


A family member posted this on Facebook months ago and this was my response (I don’t guarantee any of my claims, this was very quickly researched): I'm not sure what the point of this post is, but every one of these men except for Alexander Hamilton were born into wealthy families (and Hamilton was adopted into a wealthy family). Most of them received prestigious educations paid for by their families, and every one of them except for Nathan Hale owned slaves (although he was also the only one of the above who didn't survive the war). James Monroe was opposed to the constitution. It's unclear if many of them owned weapons before the war. Gun registration appears to have been mandatory in the colonial period (for militia purposes), and even members of state militias had six months to buy a weapon, as gun ownership wasn't as widespread as you'd imagine - only ~54% of estates reported owning guns in 1776, and there is some evidence that many of those guns were in disrepair or completely non-functional. Most gun owners were rural southerners. Another study estimated as high as ~78% ownership among wealthy landowners, but the truth is probably somewhere in the middle for white males. Those of them that owned guns most likely only did so because they were wealthy enough to purchase and adequately maintain them. Interestingly, people were more likely to own a gun then they were a Bible. Nathan Hale was attending Yale from when he was 14, and was a school teacher from graduation until the war. He didn't join the militia he joined on its first deployment, possibly because he didn't want to fight at all. We don't know if he owned a gun before he joined the militia, but we don't know that he did. Nathan Hale is one of the only people on this list I think people should look up to. He was executed by the British early on in the war. He seemed to be a pretty good guy. Aaron Burr Jr. was born to a wealthy family in New Jersey, and his family paid for his Princeton education. He practiced law in New York city, and there is no reason to believe that he owned a firearm previous to the revolutionary war. He also quite famously murdered Alexander Hamilton and was an accomplished adulterer. He also may have been traitor, but *probably* not? His mismanagement of his and his Wife's fortune forced her to leave him, and he died essentially broke. Interestingly, his wife's divorce lawyer was Alexander Hamilton Jr. If anything, Aaron Burr Jr. was certainly an asshole for his entire life. Henry Lee III was born wealthy and his family paid his way through Princeton university. He was the father of Robert E. Lee, a man who never let political correctness stop him for fighting for the right to own other human beings. He was also a lawyer, and there is no reason to assume that he owned a firearm except that he could afford one. His mismanagement drove his family plantation into the ground after the war. He went bankrupt, spent time in debtors prison, and died poor. James Monroe was born into a wealthy plantation family. He owned hundred of slaves in his lifetime, and despite frequently speaking out against slavery and supporting essentially shipping every free black man in the colonies back to Africa, he only ever freed a single one of his slaves, and he only did so on his deathbed. He was financially insolvent for most of his life, and likely died in debt. I imagine he probably owned a firearm before the war. Lafayette was, once again, born into a wealthy family, but unlike anyone else on this list his first job was joining the French military as a commissioned officer when he was 13. He is the other guy on this list that I think might be worth looking up to. He travelled to the US because he believed in the cause of the revolution, and then went back to France to fight in the French revolution. He never owned slaves and was actively opposed to slavery his entire life - going so far as trying to convince George Washington to take up the cause of emancipation. He actually died with some wealth. A first, not counting Hale, but I don't think he counts here. He certainly owned a weapon. Hamilton was born out of wedlock and orphaned as a child, but he was promptly adopted by a wealthy family, who eventually sent him to school at Columbia. There is no reason to believe that he owned a gun before the revolution, but he could have afforded one. He supposedly hated slavery, and indeed campaigned for abolition, but that never stopped him from buying and selling slaves, and most likely kept some in his own household. He is the other who managed to die a successful, wealthy man. He was an alright guy, but probably not a good role model. None of these men had to worry about political correctness in an era where being openly bigoted was accepted and welcome. Almost none of them were what you would call financially independent, considering all the inherited wealth and free education. Yes, they had jobs, but what does that even mean? Most men were employed back then, as they are now. If this image has a point, it doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Most of these guys aren’t great examples of exemplary men.


They also lived to like 50 years old on average, and could get basic sicknesses that ruined them for the rest of their lives.


even their teeth were fucked. I bet they wish they had some safe space from all the STDs as well for sure lol


Life expectancy for men their age wasn't that much lower than today. Average life expectancy was low due to infant and childhood mortality rates.


Hate for the government still runs strong in redhat circles today. See: The fascist insurrection attempt of January 6th


Lafayette was from a fancy family, inherited his title as a boy, and bought his own ship to sail to America because he wanted to fight. His French military commission he got as a wedding present from his father-in-law.


The text of the Declaration of Independence was changed multiple times so as not to offend some groups - Most notably the Scottish, and Southern slave owners. If that's not the very definition of political correctness, I don't know what is.


Why even mention their ages in 1776? Most of them weren't notable until several years later.


With 5 seconds of google you can figure out that they all were a few years older in 1776 lmao


Lafayette and Hamilton were both born in 57.. so they were 19/20. The rest were all correct.


Well, I’d be a fucking Wizard in 1776, so maybe we shouldn’t use that as our base line for general worth as a human being.


How did owning guns turn out for Burr and Hamilton? That duel fucked up both their lives.


“Knew enough to own weapons” It’s almost like trying to overthrow governments is illegal, but the right don’t seem to realise its illegal


ah so they're saying the youth should start a revolution


> Lived on their own ...on their inherited plantations, with their slaves.


How republicans don’t understand that they would side with the British based on their political ideology is beyond me….


Wait... wasn't the United States just one big "safe space" from England and their "religious tyranny"?


1) I like conservative ideals 2) my conservative ideals are being attacked 3) I will defend my ideals by mentioning that damn near children, 250 years ago, shared my ideals 4) I will then say they must’ve been smart despite their age BECAUSE they have these ideals that I value and deem indicative of people with correct ideals. 5) I will refuse to see the circular nature of my behavior and reasoning 6) What? I’m going in circles? Well I’ve gone in as many circles as you have genders 7) get rekt libtard


This country was literally sailed to in order to create a safe space from religious persecution.


And yet, when people that age protest anything they stand for today, then they’re “too young” to be involved in politics


Conservative/Right-Wing policy in 1776 was to be Loyal to The Crown. So that would also make all 6 of these men dirty libs /s


Hilarious as they were the progressives of their time and the conservatives of their time were all about how awesome monarchy was. But you'd have to have a basic understanding of history to know that and right wingers are severely lacking in that area.


They were also rich and most kept slaves.


Bro those fucking hippies needed so much safe space they started their own country lol


Right, the Marquis of Lafayette was independently wealthy. Does he think Marquis is his first name?


They did need a safe space, and they got it, it's called the United States of America


Everything cost like, pennies


Great meme, shows you're never too young to stand up and fight back!


And yet, the Right still refuses to lower the Voting Age


The right are also the people always calling everyone under 30 a bunch of kids but whatever


If they're black, it's probably more like 13


The term safe spaces are used for those who have been abused that need somewhere to turn when triggers pop up. I agree that that term has become way to mainstream, but to undermine people who genuinely need that space is highly offensive. Not everyone is born into a rich loving family


Why weren’t things the same as they were 250 years ago :(:(:(:( /s


They may have been "productive" but they did NOT have "jobs."


the whole point of america was to built a safe space away from politically incorrect people. Freedom of religion anyone? Freedom of speech?


They would have needed safe spaces from getting hung by the British & Loyalists. Otherwise, I feel like trolls & non-US actors make this crap up to get our older folks turned on us.


It's always amusing to see right wingers attempting to use history and/or historical figures to justify their own hateful, misinformed views. Right wingers struggle just to read, let alone understand complex historical events.


Not a cell phone in sight and everyone just living in the moment.


Also life expectancy at birth in 1776 was 33.72 - 39.7 so def have to have your life sorted by your 20's. Granted that number is made lower by high infant mortality rates. Also these guys were all rich AF, with the exception of Hamilton who got adopted by a rich(ish) dude.


One could argue that they were trying to make a safe space from the monarchy


Bro, modern conservatives would HATE Lafayette... He was born into wealth, yeah, but he used a lot of that wealth to single-handedly pay for people who were less fortunate than him. He was also big on equality, and we know how the right feels about THAT... Don't tarnish my man's name like this, meme.


Isn't all of America a safe space from the British Monarchy/Government?


They didn’t need safe spaces? Have they never heard of the bars and taverns that they would meet in to speak of revolution in secret?


Yeah why can’t kids today act more like these regular average Joe’s who were born into vast wealth and never had to work a mind numbing, low paying subsistence job a day in their life? Why can’t kids today just have insanely wealthy parents who give their kids tax free plantations to generate revenue for them like they did in the old days? (And are we really ignoring that in 1776 20 was middle aged?)


Yep just a bunch of successful young bros who got there not with all this whining about unfair political representation and rioting. They were cool enough to do it with a war.