Jesus... you know him? That famous capitalist who hated taxes.

Jesus... you know him? That famous capitalist who hated taxes.


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Interestingly, if you read the book of Acts, you get a good insight into the Christians closest to Jesus. They were roaming nomadic communists.


Yeah basically, the ironic thing is that if Jesus came down and the rapture happened, a good chunk of self identified Christians probably would be fucked.


Not a chunk, but like 80 percent.


That's a huge chunk.


God killed two people for not giving what they made from the sale of land to the Church.


One of them was like: Jesus was only telling Christians to be charitable, not everyone. I'm trying to imagine their heads exploding if I was able to remind them that everyone following Jesus would be Jewish. Oh, but I can't because I was permanently banned for asking if global warming was a Chinese hoax.


#"it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" Jesus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_of_a_needle


Not much of a problem these days, the rich man can have others construct gigantic needle eyes or tiny camels with a fraction of his wealth.


...where can I get one of these tiny camels?


Ask a rich person


The historical Jesus would have WAY more in common with Karl Marx than Libertarian Douche.


Or the conservative version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXxyDZRUTDQ#t=2m27s


Jesus? Isn't he the guy who played dead for three days as a tax dodge?


I live in Arizona so I know a couple of Jesus. They're cool.


Yeah I heard he set himself up as his own beneficiary in his will so he could get that stepped out tax basis on his investment properties and stonks. Praise be to Supply Side Jesus!


The ol‘ father, son and holy spirit at the same time trick? Genius!


Nepotism at its finest.


muff\_marauder Conservative Libertarian 6 hours ago "US Government: 'Your taxes will feed the poor!' Obama administration: 'Your taxes have bought Democrat votes and funded Coronavirus bioweapons testing in Wuhan!' " good god these people are fucking stupid


I’m afraid to ask what in God’s name a Conservative Libertarian is


Someone who’s entire personal identity comes from a pair of arbitrary political adjectives they attach to themselves without knowing what they really mean


They pretend to care about a small government only when a Democrat is in charge


Someone addicted to tossed word salad?


A Republican smoking crack.


USA is it's own religion living in the skin of christianity


And Jesus wept!


But when has Christianity ever been about Christian values. Ever since the first century its all been extremely corrupt and contradictory. It’s not just the USA


I'm not arguing the virtue of european christianity, I'm saying that in america it transformed into the worship of the state and capitalism.


[Yeah that whole thing was documented as a warning in the bible itself as what would end up happening if the faithful weren’t wary of what could come.](https://youtu.be/hRxN1DXmSdA)


Christianity: Do not worship idols. Conservative “Christians:” Literally build a golden idol of one of the most un-Christian people in the world.


Here’s one thing that always kills me about these “taxation is theft” people. If you believe we all have a personal responsibility to chip in to help the less fortunate, and actually intend to follow through with that obligation, how is it “coercive” for the government to formally require it? They’re getting mad about being told to do something they were—supposedly--already going to do anyway.


What kills me, is that they want ALL the benefits of the massive infrastructure paid for via taxes (mostly prior generations), but don't see any reason to fulfill the contribution side of the social contract from which they reap tremendous benefit.


they act like they worship the US as the center of the universe and tell everyone that they're lucky to live here, yet they don't think the country is worth any of their earnings they pour their wallets out for the church, but when it comes to the country, they foam and rage whenever they're asked for money to keep their precious utopia from rusting into the ground they know the money will go toward helping people other than themselves, and they can't stand that


I mean, yes, that's exactly it. Imagine you were about to give $10 to a honeless person, he approaches you and says "Give me ten bucks. If you don't there will be consequences.", or he pickpockets you, or whatever. Bet you're not happy! One also suspects that their voluntary contribution would be quite a lot lower, and they'd find quite a lot more excuses not to pay it.


Imagine unironically believing the drivel you just wrote.


So a charitable act only matters when you can feel good about doing so? You know that’s an entire thing that’s looked down upon in ethics, philosophy and the bible itself right?


A charitable act is only charitable when it's voluntary. It doesn't really matter to me if it is theft or not. We have taxes because they're necessary for a well functioning, just society. If they define taxes as theft it doesn't change anything, it's just semantic. It doesn't change the necessity, it just means that that one particular kind of theft is necessary for a well functioning, just society. I want a well functioning, just society more than I want a society free from that particular kind of theft so I support taxes.


Uh huh.


I can't believe it, they genuinely seem to support [Supply Side Jesus](https://imgur.com/gallery/bCqRp)


Trickle down Jesus y’all.


I love the Supply Side Jesus comic


They just hate the government so much that any suggestion, even using it for the betterment of peoples’ lives is off the table. They really think that in today’s late term capitalist system, the wealthiest people are just going to give their money to charity because it’s the right thing to do.


Looking at the comments… not a single one of them has EVER read the Bible or the New Testament


Oh look, I do have something in common with the Christian conservatives. I feel dirty now. I’m going to have to read the bible so that no one can accuse me of being one of them.


Theology can actually be a pretty fun and interesting study and it does leave you a lot more capable of dealing with these anti christ and proving how full of shit they are with greater accuracy.


"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" Matthew 22:21


Some of those comments are so close to self awareness it's not funny.


Conservatives are always so close to self awareness. Then usually some millionaire grifter says something and they're unaware again.


it's a pretty pathetic existence, never having thoughts of their own, just going from scapegoat to scapegoat at the whims of billionaires who despise and exploit them, every punch is either downward or at people who wish better lives for them, reality and truth aren't even on their checklist when they're thinking about an issue, it's just "fuck everyone else" until they die proof doesn't matter, facts don't sway them, teaching gets rejected, empathy isn't something they possess


"Rich people will use their money to feed the poor, and then go to heaven." -idk jesus probably


I'd love to know one time when the person who posted that helped a poor person lmao


If you help them, how can they pull themselves up by their own bootstraps? Checkmate libruhl snowflake!!!1!11!!1!1!!!!!!


Damn, I've been epically owned


Lmao @ “steal from poor people to do it!” Jeff Bezos is worth $189.1 billion. Why aren’t we taxing him for BILLIONS and redistributing that money to poor people? Throw those money changers out of the damn temple!


Here's the conclusion they draw. Redistributing $100 billion to 300 million people only gets each person $333 so it's not solving anything but it's hindering this one person's desire to strive for more because having $89 billion instead of $189 billion means he was stolen from and is now is disrepair. Because apparently people only strive for more of they think it will lead to them being the wealthiest person in the world. And they also don't consider that taxes don't directly pay people, they fund things to make society as a whole better. So all of these complaints that public schools are garbage could be greatly helped if all public schools had an extra $100 billion from one persons taxes. Hospitals (not pharmaceutical companies) could have better facilities. Utilities (including broadband internet which should be a utility at this point) could be improved. "But he earned his $189 billion so he should get to go to space instead of society becoming becoming better".


Just clarifying. I didn’t literally mean tax one guy. I meant have the richest Americans and giant corporations pay their fair share. They do think that taxing the rich or really putting ANY restrictions on capitalism means the Bezos’s of the world will stop working, which is ridiculous! Imagine Jeff Bezos saying, “Well I was going to go into space, but I can’t afford to now because of this damn wealth tax!”


Except here’s the thing you don’t understand, that $189 billion is his worth, not how much money he has. He can’t be taxed on unrealized gains. In order to actually realize those gains and have $189 billion he would have to sell it. Ergo his wealth is liquid. In order to tax if you would have to force him to sell his shares.


Yeah I know that. I didn’t think he had $189 billion in a Scrooge Mcduck like vault. So even if he liquefied everything he’d be worth like $80 billion. Tax the living fuck out of him and every other billionaire and giant corporation in the U.S. There should be a law that you can’t go into space without paying your fair share in taxes!


So what you’re saying take his money, because he’s rich. That’s it. You know there’s this law against that, I can’t remember what it’s called. I might be wrong but that might be theft...


Taxation isn’t theft. We used to have high taxes on the rich in 1950’s and 60’s. How do you think we could afford to go the moon genius?


I never said taxation is theft. What is said is that forcing him to sell his property, in order to tax it, would be theft. For example if a person is in front of you pointing a gun at you saying to donate your wallet to him. Sure you’re “donating your wallet” but in reality it’s being stolen from you at gun point, you are just voluntarily handing it over in the hopes that you aren’t punished. Maybe you should look outside of what I said, and think a bit, stop being just as greedy and envious as may of the billionaires and others are. And try actually thinking. Saying you’re right without actually putting in some thought because you’re jealous of others doesn’t get you anywhere in life. You just sit there bitching and moaning in the same spot, even if you stripped them of their billions, well you’ll both just end up poor and pathetic.


Whenever someone says, “make the rich pay their fair share in taxes” there’s always some Fox News type saying, “that’s class warfare” or “you’re just jealous of billionaires.” So I have to pay taxes, but billionaires don’t? We just learned that the 25 richest Americans paid nothing in taxes for the last 20 years! Jeff Bezos paid $0 in 2007 even though Amazon’s stock price doubled! 31 million Americans don’t have health insurance and billionaires are paying nothing in taxes. This is why other countries laugh at us!


I never said they don’t have to pay taxes. I’m saying pay taxes on things you can actually tax. And I don’t care if Amazon stocks doubled in 2007. Did he sell his stock? If he didn’t sell his stock, what do you have to tax other than his actual income, which wouldn’t amount to however many billions? I’ll give you a real world example, and you can show me your logic. Suppose I buy a property for 100k, and 200k worth of materials to build a home, with my life savings, and I earn 60k a year. Now, I take these materials and a build my own home from the ground up, and I do all the landscaping, etc. Now someone sprained the home to be worth 2million dollars. So now my worth jumped from 300k to 2mill. But I haven’t sold the home. So how am I taxed on the home? Am I taxed on the home if I don’t sell it? Suppose you want to tax me on the home and you even say tax me 10% of the homes value/ my worth, now I’ll be forced to sell my home in order to pay the taxes that are applied to it, and I’ll have to pay taxes on the sale of the home as well. So now I’ve lost value and I’m homeless, is that fair? Would taxing me for an unrealized gain of wealth, be right? Or do I only pay taxes in the even I sell the home, which in contrast why would you make Bezos pay taxes on something he hasn’t sold, unless you wish to force him to sell. By the way, there are cases where insurance causes you to pay more for healthcare, and even then who cares, you don’t need insurance to go see a doctor.


They should read Matthew 6:24. In fact they should probably read the new testament in general


>Is it right to pay the tax to Caesar or not? 15 Should we pay or shouldn’t we?” >But Jesus knew their hypocrisy. “Why are you trying to trap me?” he asked. “Bring me a denarius and let me look at it.” 16 They brought the coin, and he asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?” >“Caesar’s,” they replied. >17 Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Jesus literally said to pay your fucking taxes.


Damn it’s almost like they never read the Bible in their life lol.


The Bible says to pay taxes


How many of us became leftist because they were raised christians and that was the only political alignment that wasn't sinful and then became atheist because no christian was associating with the core values of Christianity? Also religious trauma but let's not go there


Isn’t this the guy who wanted everyone to pool their money together to help the most in need?


Kind of funny because Jesus payed taxes and for all we know was ok with it - “Render unto Caesar what us Caesar “ And paying the temple tax where he had the disciple find the coin in a fish, if I recall correctly So there is no reason to believe he was conceptually against taxation Oh and also his disciples literally lived as communists and all early Christians hated private property so there’s that


Conservatives claim to love Jesus (“Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God, the things that are God's”) & the constitution (Promote the general [welfare](https://law.justia.com/constitution/us/article-1/24-power-to-tax-and-spend.html))yet seem to hate both.


What people don't know is that the cripple jesus healed was forced to work three jobs for the rest of his life to pay the holy insurance bill.


These people legit think charity is a more effective means of helping the poor than social safety nets


Something something... eye of a camel? Did I get that right?


I mean most American churches already break so many aspects of Christianity especially the commodification of churches which Jesus personally destroyed in the new testament when he saw merchants in the church.


Churches preach from the pulpit that only the church can turn $1,000 into $50 worth of sandwiches.


These people watched Robin Hood and saw him as the antagonist didn’t they?


It’s Christian when it’s something I like and when it’s something I don’t like, it’s communism 🤷‍♂️


I don’t think they realize that Jesus does not have any opinions on our little modern day politics because he didn’t even really had any in his.


At this point it’s easier for an atheist to get into hevean than like 1/2 of self proclaimed Christians.


When the GOP republicans created the “Republican Jesus”, the entire party and conservative side of America fell into irrational thinking and disrepair.


"Oh, that's not the Jesus we mean?" "Wait... which one do you mean?" "You know... the one with the Charlie Chaplin mustache... that Jesus..." "Uh oh..."


"If you don't like it here, move out!" "Taxes aren't voluntary! I can't just move out!"


"Jesus told me to feed the poor, which is why I believe I should have the right to choose to continue to not help the poor." That logic has always baffled me.


Taxing the rich to feed the poor is theft, but hoarding food is not.




Tell that to the people of East Timor.


I am talking for the standard of us presidents ofc


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Why would Jesus be against taxes. Didn’t he literally say give onto Caesar what belongs to Caesar or something lol


The Pharisees asked Jesus if it is lawful to pay taxes to the emperor. Jesus asked for a coin that is being used to ay census tax and asked of whose image and inscription are there in the coin and they answered, Caesar's They showed Jesus a gold coin and said to him, "The Roman emperor's people demand taxes from us." He said to them, "Give the emperor what belongs to the emperor, give God what belongs to God, and give me what is mine."


The bible has a pretty clear term for people like this that believe in supply side Jesus, anti christ.




Yeah it was real Christian of Carter to give all that support to Suharto