It’s almost like there’s a literal scientific explanation for this ...

It’s almost like there’s a literal scientific explanation for this ...


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When Israeli Illuminati took down the World Trade Center with controlled demolitions, they grounded planes and the climate temporarily stabilized when they couldn't spray their chemtrails. How do you explain that??


When flights were barred during COVID and travel was restricted air quality went up. How the fuck do you explain that except for the Jews? It's right in front of our faces but people still refuse to believe.


Jewish weather dominator


It's actually gentile weather subbing


Man I thought it was the Mexican cyclone generators. They've come a long way since creating the El Niño weather pattern.


It's almost like scientists have said that this would be the likely effects of climate change.


Yes but that's the thing. Scientists have an agenda and put all their faith in false gods like scientific reasoning, experiments and models. This weird weather seems to actually be REAL. So what could be the REAL cause? You know REAL things like massively complex global conspiracies. Serious comments only guys. Anything using "science" to explain will be ignored. 🤷‍♂️


The Jewish forest service is using mirrors to melt our precious glaciers. Source: Marjorie Taylor Greene


That's too believable... I would actually believe she said that... Did she say that?


She did suggest that the Rothschild family used a satellite to concentrate the sun's energy and caused the California wildfires, which was trending as "Jewish space laser" for a while.


That's why I believe she would say it. It's right up her delusional alley.


It's a pretty common belief by conspiracy nuts. People can't seem to reason why buildings would burn better than trees.


I guess they can't imagine their own home catching on fire?


They can and that makes them anxious, which is why they need absurd explanations to accommodate this possibility into their worldview. It's a rather well-understood process in psychology.


It's all a very weird reaction to fear. Makes the world less random and in turn it makes it less scary somehow. The podcast ImNotSoSmart talks these psychological phenomenon almost in every episode.


I'm still debating whether or not i want to buy [this pin](https://dissentpins.com/collections/secret-jewish-space-laser/products/secret-jewish-space-laser-corps-enamel-pin).


Hell yes you do! 😂 it’s awesome!


[Jewish space laser ](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.jewishboston.com/read/the-building-of-the-jewish-space-laser/&ved=2ahUKEwim3o7YypbxAhVLXc0KHXNoD3cQFjAFegQIChAC&usg=AOvVaw0knaQsspkwc8UOFyVLnc0x&cshid=1623655347770)


This explains the proper kosher use of said laser. So obviously Greene was correct


She is ridiculously stupid. It is an embarrassment for Georgia. For the US, sure, but really embarrassing for Georgia.


Scientists weren't using Google and YouTube and Facebook groups to do their own research.


Hear me out. What if scientists infiltrated the conspiracy community, and started posting "theories" just before findings are published? People with believe the science plus the conspiracy theorists get to feel good because they were right.




That would add credence to all the other conspiracy BS, though.


At least they were doing their OWN research instead of looking for random shit that confirmed what they thought best.


My climate science denying parents said scientists just agree with it to further their careers and make money. I countered that the few scientists who disagree with man made climate change usually work in some capacity for big oil. And they get paid bank to do it, too. Through think tanks and endowments and crap. We don't talk so much.


This is satire. Right? Right???


Being right on the edge is the fun bit.


It’s those god damn chem trails.


They predicted this back in the 1900s. Down to the century change.




Oh wow, since the Industrial Revolution.


Pretty much


Not that surprising. The actual physics of the greenhouse gas effect isn't very difficult (at least, not for intelligent scientists). The hard part is collecting and analyzing the data necessary to verify the theory and predict future conditions.


No, the hard part is convincing people that it's not abstract and that they need to collectively put the Koch brothers in prison for literally destroying the biosphere in order to prevent the problem from getting even worse


There's that too. Dealing with humans can be a bit depressing.


That's the middle of the Second Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution started in the mid 1700s.


I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the earliest predictions started in the 1740’s. Scientists knew what the greenhouse effect was over 2 centuries ago.


Saussure created the first solar oven in the 1760s, which was the first time the greenhouse effect was demonstrated, although he did not name it that. Fourier deduced that the earth should be much colder than what it is if we are warmed solely by the earths rays. He proposed greenhouse gases as one such cause, but he didn’t name it that either. Pouillet demonstrated in the 1720s that water and hot sand cause an exothermic reaction to take place. All of these contributed to Tyndall’s discovery of greenhouse gases and water vapor holding heat, with Arrhenius finally predicting global warming by extrapolating from how much coal was being burned. He called it the “hot-house” effect. The fucker even said we would experience the effects within a couple centuries. They really don’t make scientists like they used to. Edit: Switched two of the scientists on accident


That doesn't sound all too unlikely. Wikipedia qualifies Arrhenius' contribution quite specifically afterall


Man, I thought it was a communist weather machine being used to sabotage America /s Edit: was terrified someone would think I wasn't being sarcastic, added the back slash s. Why are people so fucking crazy?


That's a forward slash


Toronto hasn't had much of a winter the last few years, it seems. Hitting 30s (celsius) often in late May and June. Different skies and winds aren't something, I've noticed, and I am on the lookout for changes. I know the shitshow is coming. Is there anything we can even do now to save ourselves?


As a Minnesotan who is currently just happy we have lows around 70F at night we're still in a record breaking heat wave. Record breaking heat waves across Europe for years now, record breaking droughts in America, we had a record breaking polar vortex a few years back I'm sure you remember, a record breaking storm tool a third of Iowa's corn crop last year, we had to change the naming system of tropical storms because we fucking ran out of names, I wonder what could be causing this, it's not like *climate scientists have been telling us climate change will result in record breaking extreme weather events.*


Not even that spread out either. I’m in ND and it was -40°F in February, which isn’t *that* bizarre, but it was also so dry from almost no snow on the western side of the state that we also had wildfires in February, then 2 weeks ago — all of 4 months after it was -40° — it was 100°F. *In June*. The first 2 weeks of June here are usually chilly and rainy and it doesn’t get hot like that until late July.


Fellow Minnesotan here, absolutely miserable. Sunday before Memorial Day we had friends over in the yard everyone was wearing long pants and long sleeves or a light jacket. One week later, we're all marinating in our own sweat. Insane.


And a week after the heat wave I'm throwing on a sweatshirt to have a smoke at 3 AM after 95 degree days. What even is this.


As a fellow Minnesotan, the 90°F temperatures for the last weeks straight have killed me. It's insane that people can feel the effects of climate change on a daily basis and yet still not believe. What happened to trust your own senses? Is seeing not believing anymore?


[This clip](https://youtu.be/XM0uZ9mfOUI) is from a TV show almost 10 years ago (maybe 2014). It's not 100% factual, but it's a bleak view of the issue.


i love that clip. i graduated high school in 2000. there wasn't a lot of talk about it when i was in school and i even took a class called "earth science." by the time it was main stream, i could see that we were fucked. we needed to be this alarmed and proactive in the 80s. we're already past the 400 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that scientists warned us about 10 years ago. we can do anything we can think of, but we're going to be fucked. i feel sorry for the kids that are under 10 years old in america. they will not know the life we had growing up. the boomers had the best life and for us millenials, it's been crap. the younger kids aren't even going to be able to comprehend how easy we millenials had it. i feel that most of america will die out. the third world folks have been dealing with this for a long time and with no resources. they'll migrate north and south and take over where they can.


These people don't trust scientists, only facebook links with words like liberty or eagle in the name.


Doesn't help when the people they do listen to has convinced them that the scientific argument is "it's just gonna get hotter and hotter, and that's all that's gonna change." And when the argument is distorted like that, a one time snowfall seems like an irrefutable refutation.


You can't believe anything scientists say, they abandon their theories as soon as they find new evidence that contradicts that theory. (/s if it isn't obvious)


It is infuriating when a conservative bitches to me about the weather's, especially heat.


That's impossible! You're saying the climate is changing because of climate change?! /s


I feel like this post is mostly paranoia and confirmation bias, though. I don't get the feeling they're talking about large enough temporal or spatial scales for the increased variability from climate change to have a statistically significant impact.


We have now reached the point where it is no longer a warning about the future. You can see it now. Any honest person can notice the difference between this year and last. Next year will be worse.


Yep. Anecdotal but; I live on Lake Michigan in the northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. I had to use my snow blower twice last winter and it's been 90 degrees the last 10 days with no rain. It's absolutely fucked.


ND had a couple wildfires in *February* because we had almost no snow.


I'm 29 and it's obviously different from when I was a kid. I'm so sick of these old fucks (the vast majority of which are republicans go figure) who are going to die in 20 years telling us that global warming isn't a thing.


its not even the hottest summer months yet and it's over 110° in Tucson, I'm typing this at 1am and it's still 88°


Unfortunately, we’re likely past the tipping point.


We are, it’s just a matter of how much we can mitigate.


Yeah I just with that business owners weren’t so selfish and greedy. I mean look how all the billionaires today are looking for a way to get into space since they know what they have caused. There are still giant fossil fuel companies funding anti climate change propaganda. One of the biggest studies on how fossil fuels would change the Earth was in the 1970s(or 80s don’t fully remember) by one of the biggest fossil fuel companies in the world. Once they realized the effects they immediately started funding into campaigns against so they could continue making money.


Thinking of all these rich fucks thinking space will save them brings me joy. Space is not safe. Hope Bezos and Elon get nailed by a meteor


It has nothing to do with global warming. It's totally different. It's a governmental conspiracy.


It goes deeper than that, though! The elites who pull the strings and control the government, and control all the governments of the world, they're all co-operating to make the world have weird weather! We don't know their purposes - maybe they want to reduce the population? Maybe they're using the disasters to create fear and control us by making us afraid. Or, maybe they have some other way to profit from the disasters, either by selling services to people impacted or the disasters are a mere side effect of some other operation. Regardless, we know something's up! We must fight back!


I’m almost certain they altered the orbit of the earth and moon. Louie Gohmert suggested they have that technology so it must be true.


Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, suggested at a congressional hearing that climate change could be combatted by altering the orbit of the moon and asked a U.S. Forest Service official whether there was any way the agency could do it.


Also, his office is maintained through fascism. I was here in Tyler this day. It wasn't a "clash" or a "duel". It was fucking fascism. https://tylerpaper.com/news/local/protests-turn-violent-in-tyler/article\_bacea5a8-cf9e-11ea-8247-bf8f79705511.html


Fash is gonna fash, after all. Sympathies, sent your way from another fascist American state. The bible belt is, apparently, a hell of a drug.


Thanks man. It’s lonely but we find each other. Cops just stood by until the first altercation was over. Then Hank’s (our candidate) campaign manager, Ryan, was beaten and cut, had his phone stolen. Ryan’s mother was also assaulted. “White Pride” prison tattoos clearly visible on a guy I personally laid eyes on with a tank top undershirt on. I mean probably 2-300 people with 100+ armed. And the fascists were flying the back the blue pro police shit so the police just stood by. Then the press just dismissed it as if we had any hand in starting it. Keep in mind, WE had the permit for our rally. THEY were the counter protest. They dwarfed us. My best friend, Drew (who is mixed race), wouldn’t attend for fear. I don’t know a solution. The Libertarian candidate up in Red River county to replace John Radcliffe for district 4 (I think) owns the fucking local paper... how is that legal?!


The professional/stunned response to that was simple, yet great. "Uh, yeah we'll look into that" with his eyes rolling so hard I thought he was going to pass out.


Doesn’t Jesus live on the moon?


Louie Gohmert is the most accurately descriptive name of any person in history.


As dumb as that motherfucker is, imagine how dumb you’d have to be to live in his district and repeatedly vote for him.


As a liberal in his district, I can confirm. Full-blown brain AIDS 'round here.


Also, his office is maintained through fascism. I was here in Tyler this day. It wasn't a "clash" or a "duel". It was fucking fascism. https://tylerpaper.com/news/local/protests-turn-violent-in-tyler/article\_bacea5a8-cf9e-11ea-8247-bf8f79705511.html


I mean, this is not even satire anymore because it's word for word what these folks actually believe...


"The disasters are a mere side effect of some other operation." I mean, this is accurate.


The extreme weather is a side effect of the Clintons eating live babies.


Mmmmmmm... live, adrenachrome dripping babies... Arrrghrrgrrbrglll..... Seconds, please! Oh, & one more side of sin & abortion! C'mon, servers! Y'all ain't gettin' paid by the hour! You literally are not. Sigh.


Man made global warming is a myth, there's no way for humans to impact the climate like that, it's far too big a system. Clearly this weather is a man made phenomenon, we all know they've been developing technology to control the weather for decades.


You just can’t win an argument with these people. Its like playing chess with a pigeon. You can try to use your best strategy, but the pigeon will just take a shit on the board and fly away


The Republican Party needs to be made functionally irrelevant in American politics as a whole. Best way to do that is to stop preaching about the importance of "across-the-isle" bipartisan cooperation, realize that the Republican Party has become so untrustworthy, unscrupulous and detached from reality that they should only ever be relentlessly mocked. The die-hard Republican voters should be resoundingly ignored, and you instead focus on pulling the moderates to the left.


Don’t forget claiming victory. Shit all over the board, claim victory in the game, and then fly away. Also, I’m pretty sure Climate Change became the new phrase for it since a bunch of these people think Winter arriving once a year = Global Warming is a farce. See that all the time. Post a picture of some snow somewhere captioned with “Global warming??!??” Chess with a pigeon.


Global warming is actually the coverup for secret Jewish-Muslim-trans-atheist-satanist-gay-liberal weather control machines.


To think it’s easier to think all that than petrol and chemical companies paid the govt to poison all of us


You forgot to add illegal immigrants, and your assessment would be spot on.


This is one of the problems with using the term "global warming" instead of "climate change". In science we have purposefully stopped using global warming and started using climate change instead, as people kept arguing against global warming whenever it wasn't getting warmer but colder instead (even though the global median temperature is rising). I know this thread is mainly memes and sarcasm but I still think we should take the topic seriously, and should stop using the term global warming, as it can be misleading.


He's right. It literally is a conspiracy. A group of shadows elites, corporate interests, and religious extremists have gathered together to undermine democracy by attacking our education system and spreading denial of basic scientific evidence so they can maintain their power and continue destroying our planet for personal profit. They've gotten so powerful that they don't even have to hide it. They just keep doing crazy stuff and pretend that it's normal.


It’s the after effects of those Jewish Space Lasers that set California on fire!


Fucking Bill Gates and COVID vaccines causing mass weather and climate change because of magnetism in human bodies


Don't forget 5G


Those fuckin' magnetic bastards, how do they work?!? Fuckin' miracles...


This is something I don't get. Global warming denial is a conspiracy. Corporations and (conservative-led) governments have been lying about it for several decades. We have actual evidence of this. But since they can't blame it on the Jews, conspiracy theorists just ignore it.


Calling it global warming instead of climate change isn’t helping. Conservatives are literalists. Global warming means only the temperature is going up. Saying climate change includes things like extreme storms, more storms, colder winters, hotter summers, droughts, floods. This person probably doesn’t think it’s related to global warming because they aren’t complaining about the temperature.


Conservatives are whatever they have to be to get what they want. Calling it climate change instead of global warming isn't helping either, then they just get on it for being flip-flopping. You're not going to find a magical pair of words that's going to take people who don't give a fuck about the environment and make them start giving a fuck. Selfish idiots are selfish idiots, sooner or later y'all are gonna have to figure out that we're gonna have to get it done without them.


Yeah I heard that Republicans/Conservatives know that climate change is happening and they’re covering it up in the interest of their big money donors. Government Conspiracy!


They should "market" climate change to these people in this exact way. Deny it and make them dig in that the government is hiding something and demand that the government address it. To me it seems so weird, no matter what the government does they're against it. You want to provide healthcare for me? Screw you you socialist!


the government kind of does have a conspiracy — the republicans have decided to kill us all with global warming and the dems are fine with that


Everything is a government conspiracy. Even the mysterious sock eating washing machine.


I just went into this sub and poked around... holy shit dude. Don’t do it unless you’re a masochist or a complete fucking idiot


It’s gotten exponentially worse over the last year or so. It used to have fun posts now and then. Now it’s just a bunch of right wing r/Donald rejects. It’s sad.


Look what the right wing did to my sub. SAD!


yea same sentiment here. I used to like to browse for the humorous posts. Now it's a far right wing circle jerk and only made me upset with their right wing propaganda that's not a conspiracy. Then they delete your comments if you challenge them. Forget it. Blocked.


For sure. I don’t engage since I’d bet half the posters are bots. But I make it a point to downvote every post and outrageous comment that isn’t true conspiracy. It ain’t much. But it’s honest work.


Just over the last year?? That sub’s been in the death spiral since like, 2016.


Maybe it hadn’t been popping up in my feed as much. I only started noticing it more recently. But that makes sense. The woke racist would have felt more comfortable shouting his true feelings around then.


It’s been that way since 2015


It’s almost like the climate…is changing.


That’s gotta be one of the most batshit crazy sub’s on this site


I miss when conspiracy sites were alien abductions and Bigfoot. Now it's all right-wing bullshit.


Agreed. It used to be pretty interesting for the most part. Now it's just hate and narcissism.


yeah, now it's just depressing, especially when taking into consideration the amount of people following these conspiracy theory-cults. Makes you wonder where the world is going.


They’ve always been racist though... as soon as you dive into it they always blame jews/blacks etc


Especially the ancient aliens shit. Egyptians build pyramids which are aligned very well with the cardinal directions? Not a feat of astronomy, engineering, or great work with an early compass. Fucking aliens. Turkey's underwater castle? Only explanation is aliens. Rocks laid out on open ground, visible from above as interesting shapes and designs in South America? ALIENS.


History Channel experts: how do you explain all of the Egyptians’ measurements being divided by pi??? Actual experts: ..they used a wheel to measure? HC: no it’s aliens


So the aliens used a wheel to measure?


So they had a wheel of a specified circumference, rather than a wheel of a specified diameter?


They're proportional. Pi is calculated as the ratio of a circles circumference to it's diameter.


Reality after all has a liberal bias.


It’s funny, because if you go to conspiracy pages and talk about the vast right-wing conspiracy to use dark money from corporate and religious donors to undermine American democracy and turn this country into a fascist, WASP ethno-state, while backing up those claims with sources including financial disclosures and actual quotes from the actual fascists involved, the conspiracy morons will just call it liberal bullshit. Conservative propaganda really rots the brain.


Ya I feel ya. I used to be subbed to r/Conspiracy on my old account but then when I lost that account a few years ago to hackers (RIP all that 10 year old glorious karma), I didn’t even bother to re-sub on this account. Changed from the more normal “isn’t this a strange coincidence?” to low-key TheDonald. As a big Twilight Zone and Sci-Fi fan, I enjoy a good conspiracy theory but that term has taken on a wildly different connotation since Trump and now is just all-right bs and sadly no more aliens. Dang.




"Hey has anyone else noticed... weather?"


Actually r/conservative is giving them a run for their money lately, I saw a thread today claiming the Clintons assassinated a reporter who "broke" whatever conspiracy theory we're on about the Clintons currently. The other day it was a Daily Mail article claiming AOC's aunt in Puerto Rico says lack of aid wasn't Trump's fault, if you read the article they, extremely allegedly (this is a UK rag that claims to have gone to Puerto Rico and tracked down AOC's grandma's house), found a woman who claimed to be her aunt and got one quote from her: "we don't speak for the community," and then the article just sort of immediately ended. They're getting crazier now that Trump isn't constant news, or more Russian, probably a little of column A and a little of column B.


Those two subs share a huge part of their demographics, like 90% of people on r/Conservative also believe Dems stole the election, climate change isn‘t real, Covid was a Chinese bioweapon and so on


There used to be a site where you could look up a subreddit and it would show you where the majority of users are also active. The best thing tho was you could do subreddit math. So you could do like r/conspiracy - r/conservative and it would show you where people that are active on conspiracy, but not conservative, post. Edit - I [found it](https://trevor.shinyapps.io/subalgebra/)


Huh, one of the interesting things i found was that r/conservative had a similarity score of 0.65 with r/sandersforpresident although I wonder if it’s because of brigading or something else along those lines


Brigading most likely, because from my understanding r/sandersforpresident was the one Bernie sub that *isn't* astroturfed. Do that similarity score for subs like r/WayOfTheBern and r/OurPresident and see how well they line up with r/conservative.


That ~~sub~~ site is using very outdated data. It doesn't even have data on the new whackadoodle subs like /r/NoNewNormal


Looks like they scanned reddit in 2015/2016 https://www.shorttails.io/interactive-map-of-reddit-and-subreddit-similarity-calculator/ Would love to see an updated version


I like this one https://subredditstats.com/subreddit-user-overlaps/conspiracy


>it would show you where people that are active on conspiracy, but not conservative, post. It's all just sports subreddits?? Literally all top 30 subs are sports, and then r/LawSchool and r/Frat


When I do conspiracy - conservative I get psychonaut as the top sub


Oh I did it the other way around: conservative minus conspiracy. Was trying to see what non-insane (ish) conservatives are into.


With those types every accusation is a confession.


Right up there with /r/nonewnormal


I made the mistake of looking into that specific thread. Good lord. Nope'd outta there fast.


Must be those 5G towers


Nah, its the vaccine! All the magnetized skin is fucking up the Earth's wavelengths.


This same person: “Climate change?? yOu BeLiEvE tHaT hOaX???”


well this is infuriating


This makes me both furious and sad


It’s to the point of having to infiltrate conspiracy subs and anti vaxx subs to explain how climate change and vaccines work but like in the playdoh eating way where they come up with the same conclusions. A little bit of the virus to build up your immunity. A lot a bit of carbon emissions fucks up the weather.


These people literally make me cry, stupidity so intense it can’t accept other people might have legitimate ideas.


I loved conspiracy theories as a kid. They fascinated me. Nowadays they make me cringe. Cringe so hard


The conspiracy theories you heard as a kid weren’t all malignantly fascist propaganda. Then: Bigfoot exists! Now: Bigfoot is a satanic Democrat genetic experiment to trick people into believing in evolution. They’re assembling an army of bigfoots to take your guns! Millions of bigfoots voted in the last election!


That is true. Before it was 9/11 Trutherism, nowadays is just some desperate partisan spin.


when i was younger it was stuff like bigfoot and alien abductions and like- fun cryptozoology or ghosts or something, plus like the mandela effect. just small stuff that made you think as a 9 year old gulible child; and there wasn’t much harm to it. now it’s just dangerous and batshit.


There has literally been an actual conspiracy from the fossil fuel industry to spread misinformation and climate change denial for the past 50 years. Even though they knew it was real. Yet these brainworm morons are too busy worrying about fake conspiracies like 5g and vaccines.


Same with tobacco. And sugar. And one time light bulb makers. They intentionally kept the bulbs life short, they had the tech to make them last much longer but where is the profit in that!? Now its just assumed, rightly so, that your fancy new phone will sometime in the future self destruct.


I have personally observed weather but haven't personally observed people talking about it enough. My options are: - it's being censored


My girlfriend's dad is an ultra-right Conservative. He said: "How is it possible that EVERY year is 'record hottest summer ever'?! Clearly the scientists are lying to create headlines and get more funding." His house *nearly* burnt down in the Carr fire.


> "How is it possible that EVERY year is 'record fastest computer processor ever'?! Clearly the computer manufacturers are lying to create headlines and get more sales."


8 year olds are literally smarter than these people


My 6 year old learned about weather over zoom kindergarten this year. Even literal 6 year olds are smarter. Fucking crazy.


It’s like the climate, it’s not the same as it used to be or something… it’s like it’s changing… I wonder if there’s something to this *climate change* theory of mine that I just came up with independent of any other actual scientist…


Those fuckin chem trails making all the frogs gay and changing the weather




“Weather Modification”…


"I noticed the clouds were brilliant last year. Perhaps a sign Christ is returning soon."... This is the stuff that gets upvotes over there.


These comments are fucking golden


I got stupider reading them and now I want to go crawl under a rock and cry. Absolute refusal to believe or understand climate change


I assumed that was a troll. I think I assumed incorrectly.


I'll take "guy who thinks Global Warming only means things get warmer" for 400 bucks, Alex.


Well, it does. Global warming is >a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants. Climate change is what this is. >a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. People use them interchangeably, but they are separate things with their own data. Global warming is part of climate change but climate change isn’t apart of global warming


lmao. More likely to believe that the "fake news media" is CENSORING WEATHER than to believe in climate change. What the fuck


Man I remember reading something like this in some liberal propaganda magazine. I think it’s called “global warming.” /s


I realize now we've all been fools. We've been talking about climate change completely backwards. If we convinced the Qanon folks that there is a vast global conspiracy to cover up that the climate is changing, they'd leap on that shit overnight. >*It all goes back to the known communist Al Gore, who was VP to none other than... Hillary Clinton! He invented climate change, because he knew we would reject anything a libtard cuck says out of hand - that was of course... his evil plan! By making us reject climate change as a reactionary political football, he nearly distracted us from doing anything about it until it was too late!* > >*If we had let climate change get out of hand, we'd all have to move to Canada, trade our guns in for toques, and be polite to one another. But now that we know the climate is changing, we should invest massively in a green technology transition, reduce our climate impact, that way the Southern US remains habitable for the next century - foiling Gore & Clintons evil plot to turn us all into Canadians!*


r/conspiracy believes in Shrödinger’s Climate, which means that if you are discussing climate change, then the weather is totally normal and if you disagree you are a shill buying into the MSM’s agenda, but if we are discussing HAARP then the weather is supernaturally fucked, and if you disagree you are a shill buying into the MSM’s agenda.


Yo, let’s just be glad they got to the right question. Global warming is kind of a plot against humanity by the elitists, we gotta adopt new technology to fight back. Turn the world order on its head.. it’s not even unethical to frame it that way. We should brigade r/conspiracy and point it out that way—speak to them on their level.


Yeah but who they consider the "elites" might not match up to who you consider the "elites".


No possible way for this to backfire...


Bro that reminds me of my dad. Very capitalistic, climate change denier. "Well most scientists and politicians only say that for money!!" Like lots of people in power don't use serious and dangerous things to line their pockets or get popularity. Why people like Bezos got so much richer from covid, why insulin costs so much.


Most scientists are on existence money. They dont do it for the money because there is no money in it.


My father always bitches about the unseasonal weather, while denying climate change. He was whinging about the cold summer over XMas saying "So much for global warming". It really is tiring


I do always wonder why conspiracy theorists never like the very juicy and elaborate narrative that is objectively real. Is it because it's never just phrased like the traditional conspiracy stories? "Yo bro, didn't you know that there's a shady group of super rich elites, who's actions are causing the planet to die? And they are in cahoots with the mainstream media to add confusion into the discussion by creating controversy about these objectively true things bro. Like all the scientists know, but they're always cancelled by these media types who keep getting shady, biased people on - they pretend it's for "balance" but really they're just trying to keep you compliant and part of the system that makes them rich but fucks us all". That seems to have all the tropes of a conspiracy, and has the bonus effect of actually being real. I understand the nature of conspiracy theories is to offer complex explanations for sometimes simple issues, but more often than not, complexity does exist in the real story - we just don't tell it like that. EDIT: For some weird reason Reddit changed the format and inserted duplicated text in odd places.


Dude that's crazy, someone should make a term for like, the fact we have a normal climate, but it's changing


It’s Lori sly those liberal commie aliens!


It can't be global warming, it must be something else, and it's being censored by the government, but only the liberal government, the ones who think the weather is changing, not my conservative government, who doesn't believe the weather is changing, but the weather is changing, and somebody is censoring it... Ouch, my brain


"Is it being censored?". Yes, by climate change-deniers everywhere.


“Old man yells at cloud”


This reminds me of the guy I saw recently who was doubting climate change data on the basis that it's suspicious that he hears every single year that it was the hottest year ever.


/r/conspiracy is one of the most amusing subs on the site. The mental gymnastics in there are Olympic level.


I know we've all heard of the hoax "global warming" and its cousin "climate change", but have you ever heard of weather wonkers?


Gee. I wonder. Oh well. Guess we'll never know.


Lots talking about it where I live in MN We have literally never had this long and hot if a heatwave this early in the summer. Climate change is fucking us all hard. Even last winter was a very warn winter other than the period when we had a polar vortex.


Oh you guys mean global warming?


Ooooh, you guys believe there's actually weather huh haha bunch of dupes


Is r/conspiracy a right wing place? I have conspiracy type friends but they tend to be quite leftist.


At least they agree that it's man made.


How do they think someone would go about censoring the weather? Paint everyone's windows?


Huh. It's... it's almost like... holy fuck guys, it's like it's been talked about for the past ***seventy years.*** holy ***fuck*** wait 'til they hear about this over there, there's so much to unpack here it's like, it's like we *knew*


Oh so that’s the sub all the anti vaxxers congregate in


Hmmm are you saying the weather is changing? In other words, that climate is changing... Hmmmm, I think that has a name


“I can’t believe people believe on climate change we should focus on the real issue like this bizarre conspiracy I’ve noticed where the climate is changing”